UKU Regionals (EUCQ) 2015 - venues required

UKU Regionals in the Open division will take place on Saturday 25th July 2015.

(Note that we don't intend to allow tournaments on the Sunday this year; EUC begins on the Monday, so we expect many people to be travelling on Sunday 26th.)



Update 6/5/15

Congratulations to the North and the South West for coming through with actual bids!

We have viable bids for Exeter (SW&W) and for Manchester (North).

If you'd prefer to have it somewhere else in your region, you have 2 weeks from today (until 20th May) to counterbid - otherwise we'll award it to those guys.

And for all the other regions, please do keep working on your bids!



We would like to ask the community for any bids to host their local event. We've had one or two expressions of interest so far, but nothing is firmly set; and we are aware that in the last couple of years we have not found venues until the very last minute, which has an inevitable impact on the event quality and the number of teams who can attend. We would very much like to get on top of this a great deal earlier this year - please let us know if you'd like to host regionals in your town or city. Once we have a suitable bid for a given region, we'll announce a closing date for competing bids.

We expect to require six venues in total:

Scotland (Sc & NI)

North (NW, NE, Yorks & Humber)

Midlands (East of England, East Mids, West Mids)


South East

South West and Wales

(The Sport England regions that make up our 6 larger regions can be seen here.)


These regional events are normally awarded to local TDs in the traditional style, rather than being centrally run by UKU (as many tournaments now are). We will of course do the schedules and provide lots of other assistance, but these are yours to run. If you think you can put on a good event for your region, please get in touch on