UKU Regionals - Reminder of rostering rules

All teams playing this weekend are reminded that:

a) all players require at least Basic membership

b) some rostering rules do still apply

Whilst there are no restrictions on how much your roster changes between Tour and UKU Regionals, there are of course some rules to follow through the course of the EUCS season (Regionals, Nationals, EUCF). Most basically, you cannot help a team to qualify and then join another team at Nationals; if the team you play with at UKU Regionals qualifies in the Open division (and takes up its Nationals spot) then you must play for them or for no-one.

Of course there's more to it; full rules here (section 2.3) - you should read them. For the most part, it's common sense - if it feels like you're doing something dubious, then you probably are!

Please get in touch with any questions on benji.heywood[at]