UKU Regionals - Schedules Update


Since the publication of the draft schedule, unfortunately we have had 2 dropouts from the Women's division. This means that the schedule has been amended and will remain as DRAFT for now.


Regionals South Schedule:


As before, please double check the schedule to ensure there aren't any issues. If you notice any problems then please email Also, just a reminder to please not make any concrete plans on this schedule as it may change again.


We hope to be able to confirm the schedule over the next couple of days.



There have been no changes since the draft schedule was published, therefore we can now CONFIRM the schedule for this weekend. 


Regionals North Schedule: 



All of the event information for both events this weekend can be found on the Event Website HERE:


Please ensure that your team has read through everything thoroughly before leaving this weekend to ensure that you have all of the up-to-date info, including how the car parking will work and what will be on-site!


If you have any questions, please email