UKU Tournament Rules - 2019 Update

 Following the introduction of the new Club Outdoor Competition Structure [UKU Ranking Events], we have revised and updated the relevant rules documents to reflect the change. 


To summarise, the previous UKU General Tournament Rules have now been replaced by the UKU Tournament Rules. In addition, there are now Event Specific Rule Appendices that compile the defined rules and requirements for each division into a more comprehensive format. For example, the previous UK Ultimate Club Outdoor Tour and EUCS Competition Rules (2017) have now been replaced by Event Specific Rule Appendices 8.1.4 Club (UKU Ranking Events) and 8.1.5 UKU National Championship Series & European Ultimate Championship Series (EUCS)


All documents can be found on the up to date Club Ultimate page on the UKU Website. If you need clarification on any of the rules, please contact the relevant divisional coordinator, UKU Committee, or the UKU Events Coordinator.