UKU U17 & U14 Open Indoor Nationals 2016-17 - Results

u14 winners Airbadgers


Many congratulations to Flux 1 (Twycross House) and AirBadgers A (St Peter's, Exeter - pictured above) for their victories in the U17 and U14 divisions respectively - and many apologies for the late publication of this news (it turns out Tournament Directors can get winter illnesses too!).

Once again, the level of skill across the event was spectacular, with high quality play all the way down to the beginner teams but also huge fun and a great spirit. The U17 Final was decided after a contested call on the winning catch, which the AirBadgers 1 team chose to withdraw after a discussion, thereby awarding the title to Flux. To see younger players able to calmly and fairly self-referee in such a big game was heartening to all the old Ultimate players and parents watching on from the sideline, and further emphasised the fantastic character-development opportunities that self-officiation offers. Congratulations to both teams for a brilliant final and a great ending.

Full results for each team can be seen on the schedule:

Spirit of the Game results are below. Each team was asked to rate their opponent out of 10, bearing in mind the following general criteria:

i. How do you think they did at knowing the rules?
ii. Did they avoid or try to avoid contact?
iii. Were they fair-minded about calls?  Were they willing to admit they could be wrong sometimes?
iv. Were they friendly and respectful to you and each other?
v. And what about your team?  How did you do on those points?  And how does that compare with your opponent?

Some amazing scores - teams averaging 9 or above is truly exceptional. All teams are advised to take a look at how they scored and reflect on it, whether it's good news or not!

U17s Spirit:

Manor 2 9.17
Evolution 2 9.00
Windsor Wolves 3 8.56
Flux 1 8.50
AirBadgers 7 8.43
Venom 3 8.17
AirBadgers 1 8.13
Ocelots 2 8.00
AirBadgers 5 7.86
Windsor Wolves 1 7.86
Venom 1 7.82
Flux 3 7.78
King Edward VI 7.71
AirBadgers 4 7.67
Ocelots 1 7.67
Evolution 1 7.50
AirBadgers 2 7.43
RGS Ravens 7.14
DHSB 2 7.13
Southern Tekkers 1 6.90
Venom 2 6.89
DHSB 1 6.75
Manor 1 6.75
Flux 2 6.70
Windsor Wolves 2 6.50
AirBadgers 6 6.29
AirBadgers 3 4.89


U14s Spirit:

DHSB A 9.00
Ocelots A 8.86
Venom B 8.78
AirBadgers A 8.44
Evolution A 8.30
Evolution B 8.10
Flux C 7.88
Flux B 7.78
DHSB D 7.50
Manor A 7.50
DHSB B 7.00
Flux A 6.88
Southern Tekkers A 6.75
Venom A 6.67
AirBadgers C 6.63
AirBadgers B 6.33
DHSB C 6.20
Ocelots B 6.13


Lost property:

There was a small amount left at the end of the weekend, pictured below. Please share this picture with any of your students who may have lost something! Get in touch (within 2 weeks) on to claim it.