UKU University Mixed Indoor Nationals 2019-20 - Update

As part of a larger review of the indoor competition schedules, along with the University Committee and the Indoor Director of Competitions, the decision has been made to change the game timings and the end-of-game rules slightly for this weekend. 


Instead of ‘finish the POSSESSION’ on Sunday, games will now be ‘finish the POINT’. Please make sure that you read the updated game rules carefully before the weekend. These can be found on the Brief Schedule page.


Also, the gaps in between games have been made slightly longer, to give teams more opportunity to warm up prior to their games using the pitch space that has been hired for the competition. We understand that it can be difficult when you cannot use any other areas inside to warm up/throw, so hopefully this will help teams at both of the events over the weekend. HOWEVER, this does mean the following:

  • Please clear the pitches as soon as the game ends. Shaking hands and spirit circles need to be done OFF of the pitch so that the teams playing in the next game can start warming up as soon as possible. 
  • A reminder that NO throwing/running/warming up can happen in the venue corridors or on the sidelines
    • Any teams found doing so risk being penalised, at the discretion of the TD. 
  • If you wish to warm up/throw during game time, please use outside space where available. Although please be considerate of other venue users, and please do not throw near any cars/car parks. 

Otherwise, we are happy to now CONFIRM the schedules for the weekend. The links can be found on the UXIN Event Website


Also, please familiarise yourselves with the specific venue information that’s available on the Event Website. There are some important and key things to bear in mind for both events. 


Any questions at all over the weekend? Please just speak to the TD at the event.