UKU Venue Database - your help needed!

UK Ultimate will be centrally organising more and more tournaments in the future - starting with the University tournaments this academic year, as previously announced on the Uni groups (see attached). This will ensure that any monies raised go back into the development of the sport in this country, and that we can continue to make improvements to the quality of all our events.


In order to do this most efficiently, it will be of inestimable value to maintain a database of venues, which we can sort by region or by number of pitches etc to quickly find viable options for tournaments. And clearly, in order to be exhaustive, it'll be much better to open this up to the whole community to help, rather than trying to rack our brains for that place we held Mixed indoors 7 years ago...


So if you look here ... ... you'll find a simple form for entering some of the relevant information about any venues you know of near you. Obviously it's in your interests to do that - you might get tournaments on your doorstep - but also you'd be helping us out hugely, so if you could take a moment to let us know about somewhere that would be brilliant.


We also intend to make the database publicly visible, so that you might use it to look for a place to host other tournaments. So you'll find the results of submissions here ...

You can also use that sheet to check if someone else has aleady entered the venue you're thinking of! That list should update to be always sorted by region, so you should be able to quickly check. (Note: some of the columns - those with personal contact details for example, or those where someone might say something rude that the venue wouldn't like if they read it - won't show up on the public list, at least until we've had a chance to vet the info!)


Thanks in advance for your help! Any questions to benji.heywood[at]

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