University Men’s & Women’s Indoor Nationals 2018-19 - Final Standings, Spirit Results & Lost Property

Well done to everyone that competed at the UMWIN events over the weekend! We hope that you all had a great tournament. 


Congratulations to Strathclyde 1 for winning both the Men's & Women's Division 1 events, and to Oxford Brookes 1 (Women's) and Nottingham 1 (Men's) for coming top in their respective Division 2 events! The complete final standings can be found on the online schedules which can be accessed via the UMWIN Event Website


Also, a huge well done to the following teams for winning the Spirit of the Game award in each division:

Huddersfield 1 (Women's Div 1)

Aberdeen 1 (Men's Div 1)

Stirling 1 (Women's Div 2)

Hertfordshire 1 (Men's Div 2)

Thank you to everyone for keeping on top of their spirit submissions over the weekend! The full set of spirit results and breakdowns can be found here:

(Comments may be partially redacted by replacing text with **** and highlighted in red - this is to remove any offensive language or personal information if applicable)


If you have any issues/questions regarding spirit, please contact the SotG committee at


Just a reminder, if your team had it's roster checked over the weekend and any of your players were unable to provide proof of eligibility at the event, please make sure that you send such proof to by the deadline - Tuesday 12th February. As outlined here, if this proof is not received by the deadline then further action may be taken.

Lost property for the event will be posted on the UKU Facebook Page soon. Please keep an eye out on there for the lost property photo album. If any of the items are yours, please claim them as outlined in the photo description. It will be possible for claimed items to be posted to you for a small fee; any items NOT claimed by Friday 22nd February will be disposed of. 


If you have any further questions, please email Otherwise, we look forward to seeing your team at another University event soon!