University Men’s & Women’s Indoor Nationals - 9th-10th February

There are a few important things that we’d like you to read before the weekend (below). Please make sure that you and all of your team read this thoroughly and if you have any concerns or issues then please email ahead of the weekend. 




Please make sure that your ROSTERS are up to date for the event. Checks will be carried out over the weekend so please ensure that all of your players have the relevant membership in place. You will also need to have your student ID card with you to enable us to prove your eligibility if necessary as per the requirements listed HERE.


Pitch and Game Safety

We would also like to remind all players that it is never worth endangering yourself or others to get the disc. Walls and floors are hard, and your body will not react well to crashing into them at speed. Please be aware of other players and your surroundings. There are some notes specific to each venue below that we’d like you to take note of as well, but generally we urge players to play with careful consideration of the environment around them. We have seen some very nasty injuries in the past where people have not taken such precautions and so we want to remind players of the risks that are involved when playing indoor Ultimate. 


Signing In

When your team arrives at the venue on Saturday morning, please make sure that you SIGN IN with the TD. Both of the TD desks at DRSV & Aldersley will be on the balconies and the desk at Wildcats will just be to the right of the bleacher seating. The TD can then inform your team of any important notices - neither UKU nor the TD will be responsible for anything you miss if you do not sign in.



Please keep the sidelines clear at all of the tournaments this weekend. ONLY players that are taking part in the current games should be pitchside - meaning the only people on the sidelines during games should be substitutions and team coaches. ALL kit, discs, and unnecessary equipment must be stored away from the sideline - the only permissible equipment on the sideline are water bottles. Please remove your water bottles at the end of the game so that we can keep the sidelines clear for the next game; any items left on the sideline at the end of your game may be removed by the TD. Our priority is the safety of all involved - further action may be taken if teams repeatedly ignore requests to keep items off the sidelines.


General Venue Use and Conduct

Please remember to be courteous and respectful to other venue users and the venue staff. We will not be the only ones at each venue this weekend so we gently remind everyone that walkways/corridors/doorways should be kept clear and that we should leave spaces clean and tidy. Reception areas and cafés should not be blocked up by our players, and there should never be any running or throwing inside the facilities. Warm ups should be static and in a very small area if indoors, and spirit circles and calls can take place in changing rooms or outside. If someone asks you to move out of the way then please do so without being rude or discourteous, particularly as we have long standing relationships with all of these venues. Please remember to put all of your rubbish in the bin and try not to leave crumbs or food mess on floors. 


There is some additional information specific to each venue below - please read through it carefully as there are some VERY important things that you need to be aware of.



MEN’S DIVISION 1 - Wildcats Arena

Unfortunately, one of the basketball hoops in the hall where Pitch 3 is has broken. This means that the hoop cannot be raised up out of the way. As such, we have moved the pitch so that the hoop does not overhang the endzone, however this also means that the end of the pitch at one end is closer to the wall than we’d normally like. As few games as possible will be played on that pitch, but unfortunately we do not have enough flexibility to remove the use of this pitch entirely. Please take extra precautions when playing on pitch 3, in addition to the advice given in the general notes on safety above. 


The tuck shop that is usually open at this venue will NOT be open over the weekend. There are vending machines on site if you’d like any small snacks, alternatively there is a Tesco Express not too far away. The full details can be found on the UMWIN Event Website


When using the bleacher seating please be considerate of others that also wish to use it. Please do not spread out your team's things unnecessarily as this space needs to be used by everyone. 



WOMEN’S DIVISION 1 - David Ross Sports Village

There is VERY limited parking directly outside the DRSV so the venue has provided us with additional parking information for the event. This can be found on the UMWIN Event Website. Please make sure that you arrive in plenty of time before your first game to find parking on site and to walk to the venue.


Games will be taking place in Halls A & B and the TD desk will be located on the balcony overlooking the pitches. 


The location of the first aiders is TBC, but I will be able to let you know where they will be when you sign in on arrival. 



WOMEN’S & MEN’S DIVISION 2 - Aldersley Leisure Village



Following another event of ours at the same venue last weekend, it came to our attention that the floor is more slippery than usual. According to the venue this is partly due to the floor quality degrading (which we were unaware of until the most recent event), in addition to the amount of salt/grit/dust that players are bringing in from outside. As such, we have made the following adjustments:

  • The pitch layout will change. The kickboards and curtains will be removed from in between the pitches, and the pitches will be moved slightly so that they are further away from the two end walls of the hall.
  • Two sidelines - in between Pitches 1&2 and Pitches 3&4 - will be OUT OF BOUNDS for ALL players. To make the sidelines larger between the end of pitches (1&4) and the wall, space had to be made elsewhere and this was the most appropriate option without reducing the size/number of pitches. DO NOT STAND/SIT IN OR WALK THROUGH THESE SIDELINES. Nothing and no-one should be in these two spaces and anyone found being there risks their team being disqualified. There will be plenty of space on the other sideline of the pitch and at the ends of the endzone so please use these areas only. 
    • This means that it is also really important that ONLY players playing in the games are in the sports hall. There is plenty of balcony space overlooking the hall so please spectate from there.  
    • Additionally, this also means that a lot of people will be in the balcony area so it’s important that you keep your team’s belongings as compact as possible and that you leave space for others. There will also be other users of the building around so please read the above information on general venue use and courtesy.
  • Games will start 20 minutes later than previously announced - at 9.50AM on Saturday morning. The game length will also now be 22 minutes long instead of 23. This is due to us changing the layout of the pitches as we will now require a little more set up time to mark the sidelines/endzone lines. 
    • We apologise for any inconvenience caused. No one will be expected to start earlier than originally scheduled so we hope there are no issues with teams being able to get to the venue in time. Please make sure that you double check the schedule to know when your start time is.

We kindly ask that ALL players please bring TWO pairs of footwear as well - one pair for wearing outside and around the venue, and the other for playing. We hope that this will also help to reduce the slippy-ness of the floor over the weekend. 


First aid will be located in the first aid room down the corridor to the right hand side of the sports hall entrance doors. Please do not ask reception for first aid help, you can either go to the first aider directly or speak to the TD. 



All of the information regarding the events can be found on the UMWIN Event Website, including the schedule links and spirit forms, so please check it out. However, if you have any questions regarding any of the above then please email


We look forward to seeing you all at the weekend and good luck!