University Mixed Indoor Regionals 2018-19 - Final Standings & Spirit Results

Well done to everyone who qualified in the UXIR events held over the weekend.

The final standings for each event can be found on the relevant online schedule, but those who qualified for UXIN are listed below. Please let email by Tuesday 30th October if you will not be taking up your qualifying spot for Nationals.


UXIN DIVISION 1 (Redbridge, Essex)

Aberdeen 1

Bangor 1

Bath 1

Birmingham 1

Edinburgh 1

Exeter 1

Glasgow 1

Huddersfield 1


Loughborough 1

Manchester 1

Newcastle 1

Nottingham 1

Oxford 1

Reading 1

Sheffield 1

St Andrews 1

Strathclyde 1

Surrey 1



DIVISION 2 (Gateshead, Northumbria)

Bath 2

Brighton 1

Bristol 1

Cardiff 1

Dundee 1

Durham 1

Heriot-Watt 1

Imperial 1

Leeds 1



Northumbria 1

Nottingham Trent 1

Sussex 1

Warwick 1

Warwick 2


Please make sure that you enter UXIN on the new UKU website before Friday 9th November to confirm your spot.


Thank you to everyone that submitted their Spirit of the Game scores for the weekend. Just a couple of things to note for the future though-

  1. Please remember to select the 'Repeat Game' box on the submission form if you have already played that opponent over the weekend. Many scores nearly got deleted because it wasn't clear that the score submitted was for a different game.
  2. The deadline to submit spirit scores is midnight of the Sunday of the last day of the event which meant that scores submitted on Monday onwards had to be deleted. Please remember to submit them by the deadline at future events, ideally before the end of the last game on Sunday.


The full set of spirit results and the anonymised breakdowns can be found here:

(Comments may be partially redacted by replacing text with **** and highlighted in red - this is to maintain anonymity and to remove any offensive language if applicable)


If you have any issues/questions regarding spirit please contact the SotG committee at