University "Open" Indoors becomes "Men's"

Just a note to remind everyone of this change, and to explain it.

BUCS will recognise either Men's and Women's, or Mixed, but not both. So when we had just one division, they were happy enough to let us call it 'Open' and have everyone play. However, by sanctioning Women's this year (unequivocally a good thing - BUCS points, lots of people's entry and hotels paid for etc) we lose that option.

For now outdoors remains Open (as Women's Outdoors is not sanctioned), but:




NO WOMEN AT ALL are allowed to play at Men's indoors:

  • even if good enough to play Open first team
  • or just to make up numbers on second teams
  • or to enter a women's team as practice for their own regionals

None at all.




It's important to note that this does not signal any policy change at UK Ultimate. Open will remain Open at our other events. It's just that the benefits clearly outweigh the downsides for the University division at this time.