University Women’s Outdoor Regionals & Uni Open Warm-Up 2018-19 - Final Standings, Spirit Results & Entries for Nationals (Both Divisions) Now Open!

Well done to everyone that competed at the UWOR events over the weekend! We hope that you all had a great tournament despite the wet and windy weather.


Congratulations to all of the teams that qualified for Women’s Nationals. The complete final standings for each competition can be found on the online schedules and the full list of qualified teams can also be found below (including details on how to enter Nationals for BOTH divisions).


Special well done to the winners of each division: Strathclyde 1 (Scotland), Imperial 1 (East), Bath 1 (West), Newcastle 1 (North). Also, well done to each of the winners of the Open Warm-Up competitions that took place alongside the Women's qualifiers: Strathclyde 1 (Scotland), Cambridge 1 (East), Bristol 1 (West), Loughborough 1 (North). 


Also, a huge congratulations to the following teams for winning the Spirit of the Game award in their respective division:

Strathclyde 1 (Scotland Women’s)

Sussex 1 (East Women’s)

Bath 2 (West Women’s)

Loughborough 1 (North Women’s)

Stirling 1 (Scotland Open)

UEA 1 (East Open)

Plymouth 1 (West Open)

Nottingham 1 (North Open)


The full set of spirit results and breakdowns can be found here:

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However, it has come to the attention of the UKU Spirit of the Game Committee that there are a considerable number of teams that did not hand in any spirit scores at UWOR and University Open Warm-Up. The majority of teams that failed to hand in any spirit scores were competing in the University Open Warm-Up events. While we appreciate that the University Open Warm-Up is not an “formal” UKU university competition, it is still a UKU event and it is important to make sure that all spirit scores are submitted in a timely fashion and are as accurate as possible. This ensures that all participating teams get accurate and honest feedback which we then expect teams to use to improve upon their spirit scores over the course of the season. The UKU SotG Committee would like to remind all teams that they should be familiar with the UKU Spirit of the Game Policy and the UKU SotG Committee encourages teams to designate a player to be Spirit Captain at tournaments whose responsibilities include ensuring that all spirit scores are submitted. Below are some useful guidelines for this role:


Also, please remember that there is now a DEADLINE that you need to submit your spirit scores by. If you submit any scores after midnight of the last day of the event, which in this case was Sunday 3rd March, these submissions will not be counted.


If you have any issues/questions regarding spirit, please contact the SotG committee at


Entries for University Men’s & Women’s Nationals, being held on 13th-14th April 2019, are now open until 21st March. For the Women’s Division 1 and Men’s divisions, entries are through BUCSscore so you need to speak to your AU to get your qualified team(s) entered. For the Men’s divisions, the entry fee is included in your BUCS league fee but you still have to enter the Nationals competition so please do not forget otherwise it will be assumed that you have pulled out! For Women’s Division 2, as this is a UKU Event, you need to enter using the UKU GoMembership system HERE. For the divisions where entries are done through BUCS, you will also need to enter the ROSTER event on the GoMembership website


If you have any concerns that you are not able to compete at the Nationals competition, please let us know by Thursday 7th March at the latest by emailing otherwise it will be assumed that you are taking up your spot. Whilst UKU cannot control the entry process/payment deadlines for the BUCS events, for the Women's Division 2 event you WILL be liable to pay the full team fee if you do not inform us of any issues/concerns prior to the deadline (7th March) even if you pull out/subsequently decline your spot.



Division 1 (BUCS Event)

Aberdeen 1

Bath 1

Birmingham 1

Bristol 1

Durham University 1

Edinburgh 1

Imperial College London 1

Loughborough 1

Newcastle 1

Sheffield 1

St Andrews 1

Strathclyde 1

Swansea 1


University College London 1

Warwick 1


Division 2 (UKU Event) 

Cambridge 1

Cardiff 1

Dundee 1

Exeter 1

Glasgow 1

Lancaster 1

Leeds 1

Leicester 1

Nottingham 1

Oxford 1

Southampton 1

Strathclyde 2

Surrey 1

Sussex 1


York 1


All information for the event can also be found on the UKU Event Page or the UMWON Event Website, including the schedule when published, spirit links and latest updates. 


If you have any questions, please email