Unversity Mixed Outdoor Nationals - Entries

We are now in a position to announce those teams who have been awarded a spot at UXON, according to the previously published criteria.


Please note at this stage that accommodation is an issue since almost all teams have requested help. This means four things -

a) we can't absolutely guarantee to offer space to every team that has asked at this stage, though we're working on it and are increasingly confident

b) you may not be accommodated in Manchester itself; we're looking at options up to 35 mins away

c) if you're in a scout hut or other hired hall you can expect to pay a couple of quid per person

d) if you no longer need accommodation (or if you decide you'll look for another option based on the info above) then you MUST let the organisers know ASAP (pugh31@gmail.com) and we'll free up space for others.


The following 48 teams have a spot: (NB - UPDATED since we missed out Huddersfield - sorry)

Aberdeen 1
Aberystwyth 1
Bangor 1
Bath 1
Birmingham 1
Birmingham 2
Bristol 1
Cambridge 1
Cardiff 1
Dundee 1
Durham 1
Durham 2
Edinburgh 1
Edinburgh 2
Glasgow 1
Glasgow 2
Hallam 1
Heriot-Watt 1

Holloway 1
Huddersfield 1

Imperial 1
Keele 1
Kent 1
Lancaster 1
Leeds 1
Leicester 1
Liverpool 1
Loughborough 1
Manchester 1
Newcastle 1
Nottingham 1
Nottingham 2
Oxford 1
Plymouth 1
Portsmouth 1
Reading 1
Sheffield 1
Southampton 1
St Andrews 1
Stirling 1
Strathclyde 1
Surrey 1
Swansea 1
Warwick 1
York 1


The waiting list looks like this (and note that history tells us that an event this size is VERY likely to have dropouts, even though we've promised to still invoice anyone who pulls out):

Sheffield 2

Manchester 2

Liverpool 2

Sussex 1

Sussex 2

Brighton 1

(If the order looks weird, it's because Sheffield 2, Manchester 2 and Liverpool 2 were ranked by the published algorithm; Sussex 1 & 2 and then Brighton all entered after the closing date and are first-come, first-served.)