Update Statement re Coronavirus (COVID-19) 23rd March 2020

Following the recent cancellation of a number of upcoming UKU events (full details in our previous announcements published on the UKU website), we have been working on plans to refund team entry fees that have been paid to UK Ultimate so far.


We can now confirm that we will be processing full refunds for ALL team entry fees that have been paid for the following UKU outdoor events:

  • Y Ddraig Goch
  • Grey Towers of Durham


Should the following also be cancelled, we will fully refund entry fees for these UKU events as well:

  • Nottingham Windfarm
  • University Mixed Outdoor Nationals
  • Junior Outdoor Nationals


We kindly ask that you please bear with us in this period, as we will not be able to refund all entry fees straight away. However, if you are an individual who has paid the team fee(s) out of your own pocket and are in urgent need of the cash, please contact us by emailing events@ukultimate.com and we will prioritise your refund. 


Alternatively, if your team/club would prefer to take your entry fee payment as credit towards a future UKU event, please let us know. This means that we will not refund you at this point, instead we will work with you to take it off one of your team entry fees in the future.  


Also, in response to those of you that have kindly been in contact with us asking about how UK Ultimate’s financial position will be affected by the situation - thank you for keeping us in your thoughts. This is still a work-in-progress, but here are some things we can say:

  • This situation means that all usual sources of income for UK Ultimate have effectively stopped until further notice.
  • We have always been quite careful about UKU reserves and so we have every reason to believe that UKU will still be here when this is done.
  • We will have to make some adjustments to the way we work - for example staff members may reduce their hours for a while.  This is something we are discussing openly internally, but isn’t something we can appropriately share in any more detail today.


For people who have wondered if there is anything they can do to help:

  • Thank you, and please do continue to be patient whilst we work through all the details.
  • If you have detailed knowledge of the HMRC Job Retention Scheme announced on Friday, we’ve got a few questions that we haven’t been able to resolve so far - please email or call Si Hill.
  • If your team/club is in a position to do so and would like to donate your team entry fee from the event(s) that you’ve entered so far this year, all donations will be gratefully received. Please just let us know by emailing events@ukultimate.com 
  • If you’re able to renew your UKU membership for this year, despite the fact that few events may be happening this season, then that would be highly appreciated - UKU membership fees are one of the key contributors to UK Ultimate’s income and every little bit can help in this uncertain time. 
  • If you have any ideas or suggestions, please feel free to contact us via admin@ukultimate.com but please bear in mind that we may not be able to get back to you right away. You can keep an eye out for further updates regarding Ultimate in the UK and COVID-19 on the UKU website and through the UKU Event Announcement Newsletter