UXON & Cool Down 2019 - Schedule & Weather Issues

Apologies for the delay in publishing the first 2 rounds of the Swiss Draw for the University Mixed Outdoor Nationals and University Cool Down events that are happening this weekend. A couple of major issues have come up which have set us back. 


Unfortunately, despite us using the Leaguevine website a few weeks ago and there being no indication that there were any problems, as we went to access it this week to create the tournaments for this weekend it appears that the website is currently down. We tried contacting Leaguevine to see whether the issue would be solved in time, but to no avail. As such, it means that we are unable to use the Swiss Draw format for the two events this weekend and so we have been working hard to get the more traditional schedules finalised last minute. 


In addition, due to the recent weather and with the forecast for the weekend, there is now a major concern that we may not be able to use as many pitches as we expected or even that the events might have to be cancelled. Both of the venues, St Andrews and Cardiff University, are keeping us up to date with any changes should they occur but unfortunately at this time we are not confident that we can use the schedules that we’ve put together. This means that ALL teams need to continue to assume and plan for the possibility that they are playing in the first gameslot at 9am. However, we will inform you of any updates as soon as we can, particularly if the events can no longer go ahead. 


Please keep an eye out on the UKU website, @UKUltimateEvent Twitter page, the Regional Facebook Groups, and the UXON Event Website for updates. 


Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience.