UXON & Cool Down - Update

We are pleased to confirm that both of the events this weekend are going ahead as planned. Please find the schedules for UXON and the Cool Down using the links below. It does seem that Leaguevine is back up and running as of this morning, but we do not have enough information to be sure that it will be okay for the duration of the weekend so we will continue with the schedules that we have put together. 


However, there is also still a chance that the weather could disrupt the events. We have been talking to the two venues a lot over the last couple of days and they have confirmed that our events are okay to carry on, but obviously we can’t make any guarantee that things won’t change as clearly the weather forecast isn’t looking great for tomorrow. Please make sure that you continue to keep an eye out for updates throughout the rest of today and tomorrow morning. We will update teams using the usual communication channels if anything changes.


UXON Schedule: https://goo.gl/zkfMpD 

Cool Down Schedule: https://goo.gl/pLdpX9 


Following the feedback that we received from the survey, in conjunction with the fact that only some teams will play 4 games on Saturday and that no teams will play more than 3 games on Sunday, game lengths for the two events will be 55 minutes + 20 min cap on Saturday and 60 minutes + 20 min cap on Sunday. Thank you to everyone that completed the form. If you still wish to provide feedback then please fill in the survey here.


Due to the levels of wind that we are expecting, a hard cap will be in place over the weekend. Please read the Rules and Formats page on the schedules thoroughly for further details. The pitch map for UXON can be found on the Event Website, and the map for the Cool Down event can be found at the TD desk in the morning (which will be based in the building). 


Please make sure that you all wrap up warm for the weekend and don’t forget to take a reusable water bottle with you and fill it up before your games - especially if you have a back-to-back! Also, if you haven’t done so already, please make sure that your team roster is up to date on the GoMembership website. Players need full UKU membership for both events. Eligibility checks may be carried out over the weekend so please ensure that your players have their student ID cards on them as well. 


If you have any questions, please email events@ukultimate.com or speak to the TD as you arrive when you check in and collect your team disc.