UXON Important announcement

All teams to read and complete survey included below

Heavy rain in Leicester combined with the University's ongoing varsity fixtures has put significant stress on the pitches at Stoughton Road (UXON venue). The results of this is that we have lost HALF of the pitches we had booked for UXON this weekend, there is a small possibility that we may get 1 or 2 of them back on Sunday but at the moment we are working off the assumption that we only have half the available pitch time we originally booked. Please read the whole announcement.

PARKING.  We can confirm that the grass overflow parking at the main venue is NOT available and so it will be necessary to use the backup overflow parking at Roger Bettles Sports Centre, 40 Manor Road, Oadby, Leicester LE2 2LL.  This means you will need to make a 10-15 minute walk back to the pitches after parking.  Parking on Stoughton Road outside the main venue is absolutely NOT permitted due to risk of blocking a route for ambulances travelling to a nearby hospital.

We are reviewing our options on the format and schedule in order to make the most of the available pitch time. Our priorities will be to find a winner, maximise playing time and share playing time as evenly as possible across all teams. We had planned that all teams would play 3 games of 1 hour (+ cap) a day.  This is clearly going to be reduced.    

It is unlikely that we will be able to publish the schedule or first round games until late Friday.  

Voluntary dropouts

We believe we can make it work for all 46 teams, but we recognise in the circumstances that some teams may prefer to cut their losses on the tournament.  If enough teams decided to drop out it may benefit the event overall. With this in mind we can probably look to refund in full the team fee for the event for a set number of teams. We REALLY REALLY do not want to end up with an ODD number of teams so need to manage the dropout process very carefully and will only be offering refunds if the number of interested teams will make a tangible difference to the event for everyone else.

To help us manage the possible options, we need to gather some more information from you asap.  

ALL TEAMS please complete this webform: https://goo.gl/bbsAig

Other questions

Can we get extra fields somewhere else?

No. We've tried. We have looked into the possibility of booking other local pitches however they are booked and/or at risk of cancellation for this weekend anyway.

Parking.  Can we drop players at the venue and then park at Manor Road?

Yes, it will be possible to drop off your players at the fields so that only the driver is affected by the walk.