Week 11, 2019

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This week's news stories

10 Mar 2019

British Universities and Colleges Sport (BUCS) will move to implement a league-based format for Women's outdoor ultimate to harness the Higher Education growth and stability of...

This week's newsletters

12 Mar 2019

Thank you to everyone who took part in our recent Junior Open Indoor Nationals event! With 16 teams competing, from beginner to experienced, it was an exciting weekend filled with...
Well done to everyone that competed at the CXIN event over the weekend! We hope that you all had a great tournament. 
Congratulations to Danger! High Voltage for...
It has come to our attention that some teams are forgetting how important it is to treat our tournament volunteers and organisers with the appropriate politeness and respect....

14 Mar 2019

Apologies for the delay in publishing the first 2 rounds of the Swiss Draw for the University Mixed Outdoor Nationals and University Cool Down events that are happening this...
We are pleased to announce that entries for Junior Open Outdoor Nationals & Schools' National Championships 2019 are now open!
The event is being held at...

15 Mar 2019

We are pleased to confirm that both of the events this weekend are going ahead as planned. Please find the schedules for UXON and the Cool Down using the links below. It does seem...

New events added this week

08 Jun 2019 - 09 Jun 2019
22 Jun 2019 - 23 Jun 2019
13 Jul 2019 - 14 Jul 2019

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23 Mar 2019 - 24 Mar 2019
23 Mar 2019 - 24 Mar 2019
27 Mar 2019 - 02 Apr 2019
06 Apr 2019 - 07 Apr 2019
06 Apr 2019 - 07 Apr 2019