Welcome to the UKU Event Bid Status Newsletter!

We understand that some of you may be receiving this email after subscribing to the UKU Event Bid Status Newsletter* quite a while ago, so if you do not wish to receive any more notifications then please click unsubscribe at the bottom. However, if you're interested in helping us run some of our Club Outdoor events as part of our new competition structure then please read on!


Are you or your Club interested in helping us organise and run one of the Tier 2 Club Outdoor events in your region this year? If so, let us know NOW that you're thinking about it! We don't need any definites from you yet, nor even a complete bid application, but if you're considering it or if you have a venue in mind that you think might be suitable then we want to hear from you ASAP.


Please email events@ukultimate.com with your name, club (if applicable), and the event dates that you're possibly interested in and we can provide you with further information on how to move forward with the process. Details of what events are open for bids, what you might need to consider to run an event, and how the bid process works can be found HERE. The number of teams that we're expecting at each event are also listed in this announcement. But don't panic if it seems like there's a lot to think about or if you've never done this before - we can help you every step of the way to make your event a success. 


If you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to contact events@ukultimate.com and we'll be happy to help. Otherwise, we look forward to receiving your bids!


*The UKU Event Bid Status newsletter will only include details about submitting bids for running UKU events and bidding deadlines. For information regarding general UKU event details, including entry processes and deadlines, confirmed team lists and important event announcements, please sign up to the UKU Event Announcement newsletter.