Western & Wales Uni Open and Women's - CANCELLED

WWUOOR and WUWOR are cancelled due to waterlogged pitches, as the venue told us this morning. We have not found a suitable solution which would enable teams to get there with existing travel arrangements (well, we haven't found a solution at all in fact) so we've had to make the call now in order to allow teams to cancel what they can. Apologies - but of course there's nothing we can do.

What happens now? No idea. It might be that we find something for next weekend. Or some other weekend (though holidays are coming). It might be that we ask teams to play some matches on a wednesday afternoon. It could be anything. All we know right now is that we know nothing, and that we've got 6 other events this weekend that we need to think about!

Women's is relatively unlikely to be rescheduled I would think, but we will certainly make the effort to seed those 6 teams as if they had attended regionals - this region will not lose out at Nats because of this unfortunate situation.

As for refunds etc - no idea. I don't think many have paid yet - BUCS haven't invoiced, and I'm not sure that UKU have for the West women's either. So maybe it will just be a case of charging people for whatever we rearrange, I don't know. 

If you have lost money on travel or accom bookings, I can only sympathise - it's an unfortunate situation but of course there's nothing we can do about the weather.

Please keep an eye out on the Uni FB pages for updates.