WMUCC Qualification

Thank you to all of the teams that confirmed their interest in WMUCC qualification!


As we don’t yet know the number of bids we’ll receive in any division, or even if all of the divisions are going ahead, we are proceeding on the assumption that we’ll receive at least one bid in each. 


We have also determined that with the continuing uncertainty surrounding COVID-19, we will continue to use smaller fixture dates where possible. As such, this means that we have scheduled WMUCC qualification in line with how the Challenge League & National Series fixtures have been managed so far. For the majority of the divisions, we only have a small number of teams interested so these teams will be expected to play each other on a single fixture day. However, for the Master Mixed division, due to the high number of teams interested, each team will be required to play on two different fixture dates so that all of the games can be played. The full details of what this looks like in practice can be seen in the WMUCC qualification document linked to below.


The regulations that will be in place for the WMUCC qualification fixtures can be found in the National Series Rules here: https://bit.ly/NationalSeriesRules. Your team should communicate with the other team(s) involved in each fixture date to liaise on a suitable venue, as well as appropriate timings for the booking. The venue cost should be shared between the teams involved. If any teams need help with finding a venue then please get in touch with us at events@ukultimate.com and we will try our best to help. The contact details of the teams in each division will also be shared between team contacts so that arrangements can start to be made.


For each fixture, we have suggested a default date and location (see the document linked to below). This is just to provide some guidance for the instance where teams are unable to agree. Please feel free to change when/where you will meet, if everyone involved in the fixture is happy to do so. 


The full details of when/where games should be played, and against who, can be found here: https://bit.ly/WMUCCqualification


For the Master Women division, we only have one team interested: London Masters Ultimate. As such, in the instance that we receive one Master Women bid, LMU will be offered the spot and no qualification fixture needs to take place.



For Masters, by the end of 2021:

  • Women need to be at least 30 
  • Men need to be at least 33 

For Grand Masters, by the end of 2021:

  • Women need to be at least 37 
  • Men need to be at least 40

Due to the fact that the competition structure in 2021 is solely for the purpose of WMUCC qualification, for this year only, it will be permitted that each team will be allowed to roster up to 3 ‘guest players’ who are not yet eligible. Only players that will meet the eligibility criteria for WMUCC in time for the competition next year,  and who are planning to compete at the worlds competition should their team qualify, will be eligible to be rostered as a ‘guest player’.


All players competing in the qualification event also need to have basic UKU membership and be rostered to the relevant team on GoMembership. Membership needs to be purchased using the GoMembership website (although as fixtures won't be until September, we recommend that you wait until 1 September to purchase it so that it will be valid for the 2021-22 membership year!) Teams will need to be set up as part of a Club and this will need to be done by a Club Admin. If you have any queries regarding this, please email admin@ukultimate.com.