XEUCF 2021 Bid Allocation

Further to our previous announcement here and following additional clarification on fees by the EUF, we have now confirmed how the bids will be allocated for XEUCF 2021. 


Due to the success of the National Series competition structure so far, we have taken the decision to use UKU Nationals 2021 results to determine which teams will qualify to XEUCF 2021.(*) 


Whilst we could have used the Nationals 2019 results to allocate the bids, we decided that it was more reasonable to use the most recent data available to us, particularly when the competition will finish before the final XEUCF payment deadlines

(*) Please be aware that we will not be amending the Nationals competition format to include recovery rounds or games-to-go for the purpose of XEUCF qualification. We are already conscious of the physical demand a weekend event will be on players following ~18 months of playing no more than 1 or 2 games in one day and we will be prioritising using Nationals for WUCC qualification.


However, as we are aware of the tight deadlines announced by the EUF, we will be implementing the following sign up process (see below). 


This is so that we can:

  1. Determine if it is necessary for us to hold the bids that we have been allocated, whilst we wait to determine who will qualify.
  2. Give teams the maximum opportunity to withdraw from taking up a qualification bid, utilising the refund structure implemented by the EUF.
  3. Ensure that UKU and the interested teams share the risk of holding the bids, given the level of uncertainty still surrounding international travel

The XEUCF sign up process will be as follows:

  • Teams interested in attending XEUCF will need to let us know by completing THIS Expression of Interest (EOI) by Wednesday 11th August: https://forms.gle/Qqy3XSLJPnCJ9SE56 
    • This is only open to the teams still taking part in the National Series competition structure. 
    • If we receive 0 EOI submissions by 11th August, UKU will not reserve any bids for XEUCF and the bids will be awarded to waitlist countries. 
    • If we receive fewer EOI submissions than the current number of bids awarded, we will automatically award the bids to the teams that have completed the form and the remaining bids will be awarded to waitlist countries. 

  • All teams that have completed the EOI will have until Wednesday 25th August to withdraw their EOI at no penalty. 
    • This is so that, should we end up with fewer teams interested than the number of reserved bids, we can receive the full 100% refund on the team fees paid, prior to setting up and running Nationals (which will be on 28th-29th August). 
    • Teams can withdraw by emailing events@ukultimate.com

  • After 25th August, all teams that have completed the EOI and have not withdrawn will be committed to paying the team fee, or any outstanding fees in the instance of a late withdrawal. There will be no leniency on this. 
    • In the instance where a team withdraws after 25th August, the team will be liable to pay either:
      • The team fee amount that is non-refundable after 29th August (determined by XEUCF)
      • A share of the above amount, if all of the remaining EOI teams have decided to withdraw 
  • Once UKU Nationals has passed and we’ve determined the final ranking of teams, the qualification spots will be awarded.

  • Once the qualifying teams have confirmed that they are taking up their bid, which needs to be by Wednesday 1st September at the latest, they will be required to pay the full team fee to UKU. 
    • After this point:
      • All other teams will no longer be liable to pay any team fees. 
      • The qualifying teams will deal directly with the EUF e.g. to pay their player fees.


We understand that this is a very difficult decision to make with the continued uncertainty surrounding COVID-19 and international travel. However, we recognise that some teams will want to attend the tournament and we do not want to stop these teams from doing so. 


BUT if any teams are uncertain about what to do, or wish us to make a recommendation, we suggest that you do not try to attend XEUCF this year. 

Despite the continued easing of restrictions across the UK, there are restrictions that remain in place for international travel which are likely to continue. Even if the UK government allows travel to Belgium, it’s certainly possible that the Belgian government may not allow us to enter by the end of September. The UK is currently on Belgium’s red list and is classed as a “very high risk” country, which means additional stricter measures apply. In addition, it is unclear whether we would be required to quarantine for 10 days on arrival (which is currently the case if you are permitted to travel there for one of their very limited set of reasons). 

That might not be what you want to hear, and we will support teams that do wish to try and go to XEUCF, but we thought it might be helpful to provide our view for any teams that are unsure. 

Please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions.