Your chance to play some Ultimate...

UKU Regionals and Nationals

What is regionals for?

Regionals is, above all, a chance to play a local tournament. Each year we hear of one or two teams not attending because they don't think they'll qualify for Nationals - which when you think about it is all backward. We don't decide not to attend Tour because we don't think we'll win it... Besides, some teams will be focussing on mixed, or just won't turn up, so you never know - last year a C-tour team made Nationals and finished 10th...

Regionals is a one-day tournament, hopefully within a couple of hours of home, where you get to play some Ultimate - and maybe, for the only time in the season, play against a really top team and see how it feels at that level - what's not to like?

Many apologies for our failure to organise these earlier; the last one (North) should be announced today. If it's the case that you can't get a team together at short notice, then that's a shame and we do promise to work on this much earlier next year. But if you just hadn't considered going, stop and think how much fun it would be... Take your uni team, or your mixed team, or anything you like* - and go play some Ultimate!


Midlands: contact

South East:

South West: contact

London: (Deadline extended to TODAY)


North: To be announced today; will be in Manchester.


The number of bids available, for those who are interested in qualifying, can be found here.


*Always remembering the roster rules of course. In short - if your team doesn't qualify, you can join any team you like for nationals (though Open teams can only pick up a limited number of players from outside their club). If you do qualify (and take up your spot) ALL your players are locked to that team and may not play for someone else. Read section 2.3 of the full rules.