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UKU Ranking Event "Y Ddraig Goch 2019" - Early Bird Team List Confirmed & Final Entry Closing Date 27th February!

Thank you to all of the teams that entered into Y Ddraig Goch before the Early Bird Deadline! We are pleased to confirm that everyone has been awarded a space at the event. The confirmed Early Bird team list can be found below.

Don't worry though, there are still quite a few spaces left at the event so if you want to attend the competition being held at the Llanrumney Playing Fields on 30th-31st March then get your entries in before the Closing Date - 27th February! You can enter Y Ddraig Goch via the UKU GoMembership website HERE and full details for the event can either be found on the UKU Event Page or the Event Website

Entries for UKU Ranking Event "The Grey Towers of Durham" (27-28 April) now OPEN!

Early Bird entries for the second Mixed Tier 1 UKU Ranking Event of the year "The Grey Towers of Durham" (27-28 April) are now OPEN!


The UKU Women's Find-A-Team 2019 Map and Directory is live!

This initiative aims to make it easier to find UK Ultimate Club teams in the Women's and Mixed divisions to train and play with. You can use the map to browse teams across the UK, if you uncheck a dvision's layer, the other division will become much more visible. All up to date contact information and details can be found for each team.

Introduction to UKU Safeguarding Committee and launch of the new Safeguarding Pack for Clubs

“Playing, coaching and participating safely”


In the past few years we have seen an increase in the number of clubs engaging with youth players or making future plans to work with under 18s. Clubs have been coming to UK Ultimate for advice and support, which we have supplied on an ad hoc basis. With an increase in these requests we decided to review our safeguarding policy and information, including a new safeguarding pack of starting-point documents for clubs.


We have moved to a new commercial NGB membership management system called GoMembership.  Please do not create a new account if you already had one on the old system.  Your details have been migrated to the new system but you will need to reset your password. More information...

Competition Review Update & 2019 Dates

Thanks for all the input we have received regarding the club competition structure.  This process is and will remain ongoing.  In the meantime we clearly need to publish dates and locations for the 2019 season so that teams and players can plan their year.  Please see below.  


There is a little more detail below, but very briefly:

  • We will retain a split season for the time being, with mixed being played first in 2019.  
  • Regionals-Nationals will stay at the same point in the calendar in 2019, and will feature North and South Regionals in all three divisions.
  • We will retain an official UKU National Rankings list.  The scoring system will be updated - in particular to make sure that it copes better with teams competing at different events of varying strength at the same time.
    • Regionals & Nationals will both also become ranking events - i.e. teams will score ranking points based on their results at Regionals and Nationals. 
    • The rankings will be used as part of the entry criteria to some “Tier One” events, and will be used as the basis for seeding at most ranking events. 
  • We are going to continue the move to “break up” some of the larger Tour events with a view to providing and encouraging more smaller, “local” events.  To do this we are defining two “tiers” of ranking events.
    • The “tier” does NOT correspond directly to the competitive level of the teams, and it is intended that when there are no “Tier One” tournaments, that the strongest teams will choose to attend “Tier Two” tournament(s).
  • It is not a UKU goal to directly organise all events; it is our preference to have more events being run by local clubs with, or without, UKU support.

Provisional Calendar & Events Plan 2019

Club Affiliation

Have you considered affiliating your club with UKU? In this section you will find some information to explain the affiliation process.


What is Affiliation?

Affiliating a club with a national governing body is common practice in many sports and is where a club is formally recognised by UK Ultimate. Some clubs have been affiliating with UKU for the last 3 years.