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Water Provision at UK Ultimate Tournaments

We have become increasingly concerned at the amount of plastic waste generated at our tournaments. In order to reduce this we will now stop providing single use water bottles. This means that teams will no longer receive 2 x 5ltr water bottles at the beginning of tournament weekends.

What you need to do...

We recommend that all players have at least TWO reusable 1 litre bottles with you and that you fill them up before each game - especially when you have a back-to-back!


Make sure that you share this message with the rest of your team, especially any new or forgetful players, with reminders just before the weekend and during the tournament as well!

Updated child safeguarding documentation

UK Ultimate is pleased to announce that we have updated our child safeguarding policies and practice for 2017. The documents can all be found here:

The aim of the documents is to make sure ultimate in the UK supports all players under 18 to play our sport. This will help the recent growth in community teams that can recruit young players from their local areas to be key a part of their club for years to come. 

The documents should be easy to follow but please email if you have questions or need support.

As a result of our school affiliation programme we now have data showing that well over 15,000 young people are playing ultimate at school.  With this as a backdrop we are looking to recruit a small Safeguarding Advisory Committee to help with ongoing task of keeping our documentation, policies and practices up to date as well as providing advice and information to the increasing number of clubs and coaches that are looking to make ultimate more accessible to younger players.

If you have experience or knowledge in child or adult safeguarding and feel you could offer some time to help, please get in touch using our contact form or through the safeguarding email above.   Thanks!

Club Affiliation

Have you considered affiliating your club with UKU? In this section you will find some information to explain the affiliation process.


What is Affiliation?

Affiliating a club with a national governing body is common practice in many sports and is where a club is formally recognised by UK Ultimate. Some clubs have been affiliating with UKU for the last 3 years.