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Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter.  Do not accept racism.

UK Ultimate recognises as an organisation, and on behalf of the ultimate community in this country, that 

  • People have experienced, and do experience racism and discrimination in our sport;
  • We fall short of providing a universally welcoming and diverse home for anyone that wants to join in;
  • We can do better.

Disc Golf for ultimate players

With ongoing restrictions preventing us from playing ultimate, the British Disc Golf Association (BDGA) have kindly produced an Ultimate-Edition version of their newsletter for us to share.

James Burbidge, long-time ultimate player and coach also shared his experience below.

UKU Financial Update

We wanted to create a place where we could share some specific information and stories in a more accessible online format than our main website.  Please click here to see our temporary blog, which for now, features a Financial Update and a How Can I Help? page.

Free UK Coaching Mental Health Awareness Course

In case you weren't aware of this already, through UK Coaching, you can access the online course ‘Mental Health Awareness for Sport & Physical Activity’ – usually £18 – for free!

All you need to do is head to where you will be able to purchase the course for free.

Message of thanks to our partners

We’re extremely grateful to all of our event partners who have been so supportive throughout the last few weeks and we wanted to send a quick shout-out to to some of them below.  Our venues, our medical support teams and VC Lookfly were all very directly affected when we had to cancel our events.  We also wanted to pass on messages we received from Tokay and the Youth Sport Trust.

New concussion information

We are really pleased to be able to publish new concussion information and guidance prepared by Dr Kenny Duffy.  The document is designed to educate all UKU members about concussion: if in doubt sit them out.  Please read the document and share the link with your club mates.

New Coach Forums

What is a Coach Forum?
UKU Coach Forums are small online events (that we hope will be repeatable). They are designed as an opportunity for coaches, leaders and those interested to come together to discuss a topic. The format will generally follow an introductory presentation followed by an opportunity for participants to pose questions, discuss their own experiences and learn from others. They will usually be held over 1-2 hours of an evening.

Why would I sign up?
- you're interested in the topic
- you want to join a discussion with other coaches / leaders / players from around the UK who you may not normally get the chance to talk to
- you want UKU coaching credits

Ultimate Activities Scrapbook

The Ultimate Activities scrapbook is a collection of ideas, games and activities for anyone starting to teach Ultimate to children.

We hope to build the scrapbook with contributions from teachers, coaches, activators ...etc, who have great tried-and-tested ideas. If you have anything you’d like added please email