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UKU Nationals 2018 (EUCR-W) & Competition Structure Review

Did you qualify for EUCR-W 2018 (UKU Nationals)? If so, don't forget that entries close this Sunday


Please make sure that you enter using the new event entry process at If you're having any problems send an email to as soon as you can so that we can help solve any issues before the deadline. 


Also, if you haven't seen it already, make sure that you check out our UKU Club Competition Structure Review for 2019 onwards! 

UKU Nationals/EUCR-W 2018 Update

The UKU Competitions Committee have been reviewing the formats and schedules for all three divisions at EUCR-W 2018 (UKU Nationals). Apologies for the delay in sending this out to you, the original intention was the publish this information prior to the qualifying events taking place, however we did not want to rush the process at the risk of mistakes being made.


All competitions are to be held over two days, Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th August.

UKU Regionals & Women's Qualifier - Final Standings & Qualifiers, Spirit Results & Lost Property

Thank you to everyone that took part in the qualifying events that have taken place over the last two weekends. We hope that you all enjoyed the various events and played some good, competitive ultimate!


Congratulations to all of the teams that qualified for UKU Nationals 2018! The full list of qualifiers can be found at the bottom of this newsletter. Please ensure that you respond to the email that has been sent to you to confirm whether or not you will be taking up your spot at the EUCR-W event on 25th-26th August by tomorrow (Tuesday 7th August). 

Upcoming Level 1 Coaching Awards

UKU L1 Coaching Award courses this Autumn:


8th September, Edinburgh 

10th September, St Andrews

22nd September, Nottingham

20th October, Sheffield


To sign up: go to the membership website, click 'Events & Courses' and then 'Coach Education', from there select the course you want to attend.

We are looking to book a few more courses around the UK in 2018 so keep your eyes peeled for more.

Announcing request for GB Beach squad managers 2019

WFDF recently announced the 2019 European Beach Ultimate Championships to be held in Portugal, May 2019.  

Further to our announcement on 9th July 2018 about GB squads 2019-20, we invite applications from individuals or small groups* that would like to put themselves forwards to manage one of the GB teams entering EBUC 2019.  (*) Groups should have an identified lead individual.

At EBUC 2019 it is expected that some/most team managers will be planning to play, and will likely appoint themselves captain or spirit captain.  Applications from non-players are very welcome.  Player-managers that intend to appoint a coach should set out in their application which decisions will be delegated to the coach.

Applications should be made using this form.  Team manager responsibilities are outlined here.  The closing date is midnight 31st July.  If anyone attending WUCC would like to apply but is struggling due to their WUCC commitments please email

GB Committee Announcement

This announcement relates to some immediate changes to the way we organise GB squads, noting that we expect this to be a starting point for ongoing improvements. Please see the full article for more details on the following:

  1. We are re-organising the GB Oversight Committee by both adding some roles, and making the roles of the existing group more specific.  The committee will be renamed to GB Committee.
  2. We are setting up a larger team of volunteers to help coordinate the activities that are needed to help run all the squads: e.g. coordinating the medical team, dealing with kit, etc.
  3. Process for appointing squad leaders 2019-20
  4. Timescales for squad applications and appointments

For context, we remind members that in busy years such as 2019 or 2020, there may be as many as 20 different Great Britain teams representing us at various WFDF/EUF events across different divisions, age-groups and surfaces.

UKU Masters Nationals at Glastonbury Tor-Nament 2018

Registration for UKU Masters Nationals and Glastonbury is now open! For the first time ever the annual Glastonbury event will be incorporating UK Masters into the weekend tournament.

The event will be held at Tor Leisure Centre on 22nd-23rd September 2018 with the Glastonbury party starting on Friday from 5pm onwards.


Based on the level of interest expressed so far, Masters Nationals will be run alongside the other pool games on the Saturday, with the Open Masters final as the Saturday evening show game. Masters teams will then feed into the rest of the tournament for Sunday’s play, or just play Masters and chill on Sunday if they so choose. We will also aim to accommodate Women, Mixed and Grandmasters as required.

Changes to the Spirit of the Game at UKU Events

As some teams may be aware, the UKU Spirit of the Game (SotG) Committee has recently undergone a change in members. With the large change in Committee members there have been internal discussions within the Committee as to how we'd like to proceed with the way UKU runs the "Spirit of the Game" aspect of tournaments in the future. After some lengthy discussions the SotG Committee have decided to implement the following procedures at  all UKU run events commencing from OWT1 onwards: