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GB Mens squad 2019

We are pleased to announce that the following players have been selected to represent Great Britain in the Men's division at the European Ultimate Championships which will be held in Hungary from June 29th - July 6th.


Spirit of the Game and challenging team mates

In response to queries about an issue that comes up from time to time, UKU SOTG Committee have worked on the following document to help clubs consider how to deal with club & team members who do not naturally buy-in to the principles of Spirit of the Game: 

Expanding GB support team

Further to our previous announcement we are really delighted to welcome three new people to the growing team of people that support our GB squads - please see below.  Sadly nobody so far applied for the GB Finance Officer role.  If you have some experience of accounting/bookkeeping - or maybe just love spreadsheets as well as Ultimate - please take a look and get in touch if you’d like to help.  

Georgina Morrison is joining the GB Committee as Welfare Officer.  Geegee has been involved with several clubs over the last few years - Guildford, Horsham, Reading, as well as uni clubs at Surrey and Birmingham. She played with the GB u24 mixed team in Perth, and with Reading at WUCC 2018.  In applying for the role Geegee explained that she was really pleased to see this role being created, and volunteered her support because she views each individual players' physical and mental welfare as being of the utmost importance.

Lee Rhodes and Ashika CV kindly volunteered to pick up and share the Sport Science coordination work.  There is plenty to do. Lee has worked as a physiotherapist in sport for 20 years, including 6 years with a Premier League football club in addition to the rather more glamourous assignments at UKU tournaments and with several GB Ultimate teams.  Ash is doing a masters in Psychology of Sports and Exercise, and has been playing Ultimate with St Marys University for several years as well as some coaching in a local school.

Thanks in advance to all three of them.

In conversation with Jenna Thomson catch up

Thank you to those who signed in to our 'In Conversation with Jenna Thomson' last week as part of our on-going work on Women's Leadership and role models.

The UKU Women's Find-A-Team 2019 Map and Directory is live!

This initiative aims to make it easier to find UK Ultimate Club teams in the Women's and Mixed divisions to train and play with. You can use the map to browse teams across the UK, if you uncheck a dvision's layer, the other division will become much more visible. All up to date contact information and details can be found for each team.

Introduction to UKU Safeguarding Committee and launch of the new Safeguarding Pack for Clubs

“Playing, coaching and participating safely”


In the past few years we have seen an increase in the number of clubs engaging with youth players or making future plans to work with under 18s. Clubs have been coming to UK Ultimate for advice and support, which we have supplied on an ad hoc basis. With an increase in these requests we decided to review our safeguarding policy and information, including a new safeguarding pack of starting-point documents for clubs.

Club Affiliation

Have you considered affiliating your club with UKU? In this section you will find some information to explain the affiliation process.


What is Affiliation?

Affiliating a club with a national governing body is common practice in many sports and is where a club is formally recognised by UK Ultimate. Some clubs have been affiliating with UKU for the last 3 years.