Camping - London Calling


Unfortunately we need to make a charge of £10/tent for anyone camping at London Calling 2014.  You can pay for this in advance using this option, or it will be possible to pay on arrival.  We will be issuing stickers for people to put on their tents to show they have paid.

Please note that the cost is £10 per tent regardless of number of people or number of nights.

If you have not done so already, we would prefer that you completed the camping form, as that will make it easier to match your payment back to you at the weekend.  However - if you're in a big rush, just go ahead and pay and between us we'll figure it out. Bring your receipt!

If you do NOT want to pay now via paypal click here to go back to the event page, or click here to return to the UKU homepage - but remember that you will need to pay on the Saturday.


**** Please bring your paypal email receipt to the tournament ****


Price: £10.00