2020-21 BUCS Season - Update

As BUCS works to finalise details for the TERM TWO competition, we just wanted to reach out to all Universities to highlight an upcoming deadline this Friday, as well as some details that have been published so far. 



BUCS have sent the provisional leagues to your AUs for them to review. This includes the information on how many teams your club has entered. We recommend that you check with your AU about the number of teams you have entered (or not) ASAP as the deadline for feedback is this Friday (13th November).  


BUCS aim to publish the finalised leagues on Friday 27th November. 



BUCS have published the Leagues and Knockouts Dates and Deadline for 2020-21 on their website - Appendix 2a: https://www.bucs.org.uk/rules-and-regulations/general-regulations/appendices.html 


Note that BOTH the Men’s and Women’s divisions will be played as weekly fixtures. 


Due to the limitations that Covid-19 restrictions impose, we think that moving away from central fixtures for the Women’s division this year will increase the opportunity for teams to play. We appreciate feedback from all teams/AUs on their experience with this change as the year progresses. 



BUCS have confirmed that for the 2020-21 season only, no BUCS Points will be awarded for the competition programme (league and individual events).


As we have previously announced, BUCS leagues for this year have been frozen, so whilst everyone will be able to play, there will be no promotion or relegation from this year. Next year leagues will return with the same composition that they should have had this year if circumstances had remained unchanged.



You can find the current Return to Play guidance and latest updates on the UKU website: https://www.ukultimate.com/. This now includes a handy lookup guide on which Return to Play phase we are in by home nation and the local tier or alert level.