Airbadgers retain Junior Outdoors; Flux win first ever UKU-Schools

UKU Junior Outdoor Nationals and Schools Championships took place on the weekend of 6-7 July 2013 at The Pavilion, Moor Lane, Birmingham.  Playing in glorious sunshine all weekend, Junior Outdoor Nationals saw the final between Airbadgers 1 and Arctic 1 get off to a very close start - with Arctic getting the best of the early exchanges.  However - the Exeter team's winning habit gradually began take effect, and the Airbadgers moved away with a long run of consecutive points. Congratulations also should go to Rice Frisbees for winning Spirit of the Game, with prizes sponsored by Lookfly.

On Sat 6th we hosted the first ever UKU-School Championships.  This is a new competition, based on a 5-a-side format of the game that is designed to enable schools to play simple "qualifiers" against other neighbouring schools throughout the year: indoors, on grass - or even on the beach!  Parrs Wood High School of Manchester attended their first ever tournament - even managing to take a win in their first-ever competitive game of Ultimate.  "Flux" from Twycross House School (Leicestershire) and Manor CE Academy (York) - both experienced ultimate-playing schools - contested a close final.  Flux clinched the title and also won Spirit of the Game.

Congratulations to all that came to play; and a huge thank-you to everyone - including the players - who helped to clear the fields and tidy up so very well at the end of the day.

Full results below:


  Junior Nationals   Schools Championships
1 Airbadgers 1 1 Twycross House School (Flux) - SOTG winners
2 Arctic 1 2 Manor CE Academy
3 Evolution 1 3 St Peter's (Airbadgers)
4 Ocelots 4 Bishop Heber (Ocelots)
5 Cambridge 5 Bridgemary School (Southern Tekkers)
6 Airbadgers 2 6 Parrs Wood High School
7 Arctic 2 7 Arthur Terry School (Arctic)
8 Southern Tekkers    
9 Rice Frisbees - SOTG winners
10 Arctic 3    
11 Airbadgers 3    
12 Airbadgers 6    
13 Arctic 4    
14 Evolution 2    
15 Ocelots/Arctic combination    
16 Tekkers/Arctic combination    
17 Airbadgers 4    
18 Airbadgers 5