Challenge League Backup Planning

At this point, there is little sign of competitive Ultimate in the current outdoor season for most players.  At the risk of raising false hope... (please do not misinterpret this message - read the whole thing).


As per the Outline of Phased Return to Play published in June, we consider it likely that competitive play between just two teams may be permitted before it is possible to play tournaments (Phase D).  With this in mind, we have produced a draft set of rules for a competition structure we are provisionally calling “UKU Challenge League” and would like to gather some preliminary data on how many clubs might get involved.  The aim is *IF POSSIBLE* to create competition where teams can organise fixtures against one opponent at a time, scoring points on a ranking table of all the teams that enter.  The onus will be on participation rather than strict competition.


Whilst this is a response COVID-19, we also want to encourage single-fixture competition in general.  We all love weekend tournaments, but they are a barrier to participation for many people.  To grow the sport we need to build competitive options that are based on a single, local (ish*) matches.  So we’re trying to look at this as an opportunity to build something new.


Actions (use this form):

  • You can check out some draft rules here.  If you have suggestions or feedback please use this form.  We used a kind of rules-format as it seemed the best way of trying to work through and explain the details.
  • If you want to actively get into the details of the ranking algorithm please get in touch.  There are some comments at the end of the draft regs.
  • If you feel your club is going to want to get involved when this becomes possible, you could (a) let us know you are interested (no commitment) and (b) start thinking about your options for a home venue.

DISCLAIMER.  We do NOT want to give the impression that either Nationals or this Challenge League will definitely go ahead.  In both cases we are doing some very limited planning, and are simply trying to keep our options open.  As noted in previous announcements, we do not know when it will be possible to play competitive ultimate in the UK.


(*) Local(ish): we are well aware that the density of clubs and players varies significantly around the UK.  We are not trying to pretend this idea will work for everyone right now, but if we can build something sustainable it will help in the long-run.