Club Affiliation

Have you considered affiliating your club with UKU? In this section you will find some information to explain the affiliation process.


What is Affiliation?

Affiliating a club with a national governing body is common practice in many sports and is where a club is formally recognised by UK Ultimate. Some clubs have been affiliating with UKU for the last 3 years.


What are the benefits?

Affiliation for clubs means UK Ultimate has a formal and clear relationship with clubs, as organisations. It helps clubs improve their structures and governance that will better enable them to apply for funding and grants. Club committees receive Public Liability Insurance; something that training venues are more frequently demanding of sports clubs using their facilities. 


Please note that one-off teams and universities DO NOT need to affiliate, but please get in touch if you have any questions about this.


How it helps 

By affiliating, UK Ultimate gets a formal channel for communication. When we need to get in touch with a club, we know exactly who to go to. This way we can improve procedures around entering events, managing rosters, and so on.

Club affiliation helps us promote and grow the sport through presenting up-to-date, accurate information to the general public, other national organisations (such as Sport England) and local authorities. This all helps with the progression and recognition of the sport.


Why you should affiliate now

This is the time of year when clubs will be meeting (or will have met) the prerequisites for affiliation. At this point - nearing the start of the season - most clubs will have just, or nearly, finished trials and teams will be established. Players will have renewed their membership and regular training sessions will be underway. All of this helps a lot when filling in the webform!


Where to go to affiliate

All affiliation is done through a webform



How much does it cost and how do I pay?

The cost of affiliating each year is £35. This can be done online, as part of the webform, or by bank transfer.


How long does it take and what happens after?

Completing the webform itself takes 2-3 minutes, providing all your information is present. Every member of the club must be at least a UKU Basic Member and teams are responsible for ensuring this themselves, so this aspect may take a bit longer. Once you have filled in the webform, you will receive an email with the next steps, which includes a bit of bedtime reading for committee members.


How long does it last?

Affiliation lasts one year and runs January to January, after all the major UKU competitions have taken place. Clubs receive a reminder one month before affiliation expires.


Who is responsible for affiliating?

Any member of an executive committee can complete the webform. More than one individual’s contact details are taken down in the process - just like registering for a tournament.


Players are already spending enough money. Why does it cost to affiliate?

The cost covers the club’s liability insurance through our existing insurance policy. UK Ultimate is competitive in its cost of affiliation compared to other NGBs, some who charge in excess of £100 annually. 


When does it need to be done by? 

The sooner the better. We are aware a number of clubs are in the process of affiliating so please get in touch if you need any help, we appreciate it can take some time! We would eventually like to see all clubs affiliate so the number of clubs expected to complete the process each year will increase.  If you are a club that has junior members attending regularly, we recommend you make a start on affiliating as soon as possible.