Competition Feedback Discussion Groups

To further support gathering input and improve transparency, and confidence in transparency, around UKU competitions we are setting up three club-representative feedback groups to support the work of the UKU Competitions Committee. Thanks to Alex Cragg for the original suggestion and also his input on the format.


To continue to ensure that the UKU is offering a competition structure and tournaments that suit the needs of its player base, while being transparent about what changes are being considered. It will additionally ensure that public releases of information have been sense-checked by a wider group, and that snags/clarity/edge cases have been considered before any final announcement. What A series of groups to provide the competitions committee with feedback on proposals before public release, and to provide insight on what clubs are looking for from UKU competitions. All communication will be available for anyone to read. There will be 3 groups to begin with:

  • Mixed
  • Open
  • Women

It is recognised that clubs with widely differing competitive levels are likely to have different views and aspirations; and that perhaps in time it may help to segment each division/group.



A nominated played from each UKU club will take a place in the relevant group. The division coordinator will sit in each of the groups. A UKU staff member will also be available to support the group if needed.


  • Google email group
  • Competitions committee member responsible as ‘go between’  
    • Compile suggestions to send to groups 
    • Include 2 or 3 key areas the CC is looking for feedback on 
    • Compile feedback 
    • Bring back to CC for discussion 
  • Proposals have a short and well-defined feedback period 
  • All communication should be sent to the group 


After an initial open feedback period, the groups are intended for the competitions committee to request feedback from team reps on specific issues.

This is not intended to be an opportunity for clubs to twist things to their own benefit, rather for their views to be heard while proposals are being formed.
Players chosen to represent their team should be mindful of the need for proposals to suit many use cases, and that their own team’s specific needs may still not be met.
Representative players do not have voting rights on the competitions committee.
In addition to UKU focused changes, there may be times when feedback is required on an ad hoc basis on changes suggested at EUC or WFDF level.