Disc Golf for ultimate players

With ongoing restrictions preventing us from playing ultimate, the British Disc Golf Association (BDGA) have kindly produced an Ultimate-Edition version of their newsletter for us to share.

James Burbidge, long-time ultimate player and coach also shared his experience below.

I first played discgolf with a bunch of friends of a friend with ultrastars around a park, aiming for trees. It was great, but I thought nothing much of it. My next exposure came from a coach talking about hyzer and anhyzer, which seemed unnecessarily complicated to me at the time. It wasn't until I moved relatively near a course and a good friend/teammate who also happened to be a top level disc-golfer dragged me along with him and thrust a couple of DG discs into my hands that I started to get what it was about. I was terrible for 6 months, (arguably I'm not a lot better now), and made all the inevitable mistakes an ultimate player transitioning will make (nose up, inside out (cue your wrist like you're pouring coffee, pretend you're throwing a roller)). But two obvious things made me stick with it, and I reckon could do the same for you:

1. The beauty of a disc in flight. I don't think there isn't an ultimate player out there who doesn't love watching the disc fly, and in discgolf that's maximised by having a range of discs that fly so differently you can make them take a whole range of improbable seeming lines.

2. The technical challenge of playing the course (around this tree, up that tunnel, avoid this out-of-bounds etc), and playing against your best score. You don't need to be good to be better than last time you played, or to feel the high of throwing that one perfect shot.

So if you're jonesing for some disc action, I'd definitely recommend you give disc-golf a go. The community are very friendly, or you can just drag a bunch of ultimate mates along. If you can't find a course nearby (check udisc), even a home-made park round is good for a laugh. Hopefully you'll find it as fun as some of the rest of us two-timers have.