Does you employer use Benevity?

We have signed up as a non-profit good cause with Benevity, an organisation that works with many large corporations around the world to help them support causes that matter to their employees.  In some cases, employers match donations that their employees makes to a good cause.  We cannot access the full list of companies that work with Benevity, so you would need to check for your own circumstances, but if this scheme is available to you, and you are able to help - we would be really grateful.  Please get in touch if you need additional information, and thanks to Nathan Trickey for the suggestion.


Thanks again to everyone who has been able to support our Reset the Stall fundraising campaign.  Our goal is to put UKU finances back to where they were at the start of 2020 and we continue to climb towards our stretch target of £30k.  Less than two weeks to go! 


If you are able to help support the campaign with a donation, or perhaps by sharing the links, that would be amazing.  Thank you.