EUCF 2018 Pools Announced

With EUCF 2018 just 2 weeks away the pools have been announced. You can find the pools below and find out all the information about the event on the EUCF website.


Pool M: Glasgow Ultimate, Hässliche Erdferkel, KS AZS AWF FLOW WROCŁAW, SeE6, Die 7 TodsündenWizards Mixed

Pool N: Rebel Ultimate, Maultaschen, ColoradoDisc'over Lisboa, Sirocco, Left Overs



Pool A: Reading, Bad Skid, Cray Dogs One, Uprising

Pool B: Clapham, Otso, Cusb Red Bulls, FWD>>

Pool C: Chevron, Flying Angels Bern, RealFive, Frank N

Pool D: PELT, CUSB La Fotta, Heidees, Yellow Block Ultimate

Pool E: FUJ, Salaspils WT, M.U.C., Freespeed

Pool F: KFK - Copenhagen Frisbee Club, Iznogood, Mooncatchers, Rampage




Pool W: Iceni, Helsinki Ultimate Women, CUSB Shout, SouthWest, 3SB, Mainzelmädchen

Pool X: Nice Bristols, Freespeed Ladies, Troubles, Brilliance, Mantis, Seagulls