EUCF 2021 Update

The EUF Board have provided an update on their planned approach to EUCF 2021 (previous announcement of that plan from February). The key points at this time are summarised as follows:

  • Should an event take place it will be one xEUCF event in Bruges
  • Planning the xEUCF is currently going ahead.
    • The TOC has approached the city council and we are waiting for their decision on June 15th. After that EUF and the TOC will reassess the financial risk to make the final decision about the event viability.
    • Any registraion or fee's would only be after this decision.
  • TOC has to make financial deposits on the 1.7. and it is not sure if a refund is possible after that date.
  • The bid distribution is being revaluated from last year:
    • Without last year's competition, we will give bids to national federations so that they can decide which team to send. 
    • The distribution is based on previous EUCF results (last 4 Events).
  • The current aim is to host:
    • 20 Mixed Teams
    • 20 Women Teams
    • 32 Open Teams. Should the number of teams need to be reduced that reduction would start in the open division until it reached the same number of teams as the other divisions.
    • The minimum required number of 16 per division