Fitness for Ultimate with Tim Morrill

UK Ultimate is pleased to announce Fitness for Ultimate courses with Tim Morrill. Tim is working with UKU and Ka Pow! to bring interested players two essental courses for fitness in Ultimate; Speed & Agility and Strength & Power. Both three hour courses, including a question and answer section!

We have arranged for courses to happen in two northern locations, Liverpool and Manchester. Each of the locations differs in the approach taken for the groups, and also the price, so please read on to find out which would suit you best!

Participants can sign up to either or both of the courses. Signing up to both at the same time will give you an overall discount.


The Manchester courses are spread across two seperate evenings. These sessions will be a small group with more 1 on 1 time with Tim and his support coaches. The higher price reflects the value of spending more direct time with the coach.

Speed & Agility - Wednesday 6th November (evening) £35

Strength & Power - Thursday 7th November (evening) £35


The Liverpool courses are exactly the same as those being run in London, in conjuntion with Ka Pow! The same content and group sizes. 

Speed & Agility - Sunday 10th November (am) £25

Strength & Power - Sunday 10th November (pm) £25

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Speed & Agility:

Attendees will leave the clinic with an understanding of how to use the field as a tool to bridge the gap between strength & power training and performing in competition.


3 Hours (including Q &A)


> Self Myofacial Release(Lax Balls)

> Flexibility, Mobility & Warm Up

> Activation & ACL Reduction (Bands)

> Jumping Mechanics

> Agility: Jab Step and Crossover Progressions (Ladders)

> Conditioning & Programming

> Q&A

Strength & Power:

Attendees will leave the clinic with an understanding of how to use weightroom to develop their strength, power and overall athleticism.


3 Hours (including Q &A)


> Basic Ideas and Concepts for Weightroom

> Exercises and Categories

> Power

> Hip Dom Strength

> Knee Dom Strength

> Pushing

> Pulling

> Core

> Program Design

> Knee Stability & ACL Reduction

> Q&A

Tim Morrill: