GB Committee Announcement

This announcement relates to some immediate changes to the way we organise GB squads, noting that we expect this to be a starting point for ongoing improvements. Please see the full article for more details on the following:

  1. We are re-organising the GB Oversight Committee by both adding some roles, and making the roles of the existing group more specific.  The committee will be renamed to GB Committee.
  2. We are setting up a larger team of volunteers to help coordinate the activities that are needed to help run all the squads: e.g. coordinating the medical team, dealing with kit, etc.
  3. Process for appointing squad leaders 2019-20
  4. Timescales for squad applications and appointments

For context, we remind members that in busy years such as 2019 or 2020, there may be as many as 20 different Great Britain teams representing us at various WFDF/EUF events across different divisions, age-groups and surfaces.

1. GB Committee (GBC) currently has 4 members (Ali Tincknell nee Smith, Barry O’Kane, Georgie Davin, Si Hill) and has been trying to guide and manage the main processes around all of the GB squads since its creation in 2013.  Following our experience over the last few years we have proposed a number of changes to the UKU board that have been accepted with immediate effect. These changes should be seen as the starting point for enabling us to continuously review and improve the overall GB Programme at the same time as coordinating the running of the many squads that are in training or competition in any given year.

Ali Tincknell has been appointed to the volunteer role of Performance Director, taking a more direct responsibility for the progression and success of the GB programme than was previously included in the Terms of Reference of the GBOC.  Effectively UKU has never had any individual or group with this responsibility before.

It has also been agreed that this role will become an appointed UKU board position, and we are very happy to confirm that Ali will be joining the board as of July 2018.   This is the third, and for now, final, appointment that we are making in order to improve the gender balance within the UKU board - please see this earlier announcement  

Returning to the GBC, we are also now identifying one individual as the chairperson of that group, and Georgie Davin will take on this role, which is described in more detail here.

Barry O’Kane is retiring from the group.  Barry has volunteered tirelessly for UK Ultimate since before the creation of the UK Ultimate Association (now UK Ultimate Ltd) in 2001.  He has been gradually trying to step away for a few years. Ultimate players in the UK owe Barry an enormous debt of thanks.

The UKU CEO, Si Hill, will continue to be a member of the committee, but without any specific role or responsibility within the GB programmes.  There will be times when it is necessary and beneficial to have a full-time member of staff working in the group, and SH is best placed to share information across all of UKU’s programmes and activities, as well as providing visibility on international issues through his roles with WFDF.  SH manages the employed staff supporting the GB teams and consequently will continue to have “operational” visibility of what is happening across all the squads.

We are creating a finance role to join this committee, and we will seeking to appoint an individual with experience in accountancy/finance.  It is UKU policy to run the Great Britain teams on a break-even basis, but nonetheless, the total turnover of the GB programmes is, in some years, similar in size to the rest of UKU’s business.  We also recognise that the cost of training with and competing for GB Ultimate teams is high and that players would like increased visibility of how the finances are organised. This role will involve liaising closely with other UKU finance roles (CEO, bookkeeper and UKU Treasurer).

In direct response to experiences and feedback from the most recent GB U24 cycle, there will now be two elected player representatives (one female and one male) on the committee, drawn from a group of player reps from each and all of the squads that are active in any given year.  The player representative roles will run for one year - approximately using the calendar year, although this may be adjusted to cope with events at unusual times of year, so that they remain on the committee for several months after the events.  Players will be free to remain in the role for consecutive years if selected by their peers.

Finally, we will also add a non-playing, volunteer GB Athlete Welfare Officer position to the GB Committee to provide a point of contact for discussion regarding concerns, to help maintain a player-focus on activities across all the squads.  

2. Other GB Ultimate roles. We are formalising several other operational roles that are important to the smooth-running of the squads.  Chris Bamford’s role as UKU administrator will now include some of the administrative support that was previously provided by the part-time GB administrator post held by Ian Vidgen over the last 2-3 years.  Ruth Flight has worked part-time for UKU as GB Junior Programme manager for some years now, and this role continues. All of the other positions are volunteer roles and will be open to non-players as well as players that are, or are aiming to be, competing in the current cycle.

  • Ruth Flight, GB Juniors Programme Manager (includes Juniors squads Safeguarding & Welfare)
  • Chris Bamford, UKU administrator
  • Sports Science coordinator (medical, S&C, nutrition, sports psych, anti-doping)
  • Kit lead (recruits some other help)
  • Fundraising / sponsorship
  • Communications / social media / PR

Further announcements will follow shortly requesting applications to join this group for 2019-20.

Squad managers/leaders will be appointed on the basis of managing teams for one competition cycle.  It is understood that the most appropriate leadership set-up varies across squads and especially age-groups.   

Once training squads have been selected, each squad will nominate a player-rep to form a player-reps group to help create additional mechanisms for players to raise and resolve issues and concerns that arise.

3. Process for appointing squad leaders 2019-20

The process for appointing squad leaders in the next GB cycle will follow a similar format to the last few years - with an online application form asking individuals, or groups, to set out their experience and plans for the team.

The GBC will determine the squad manager appointments.  In some cases they may bring in other members of the community to support the recruitment process.

4. Timescales for squad leader/manager applications and appointments

The table below sets out our expected timeline on applications across the squads

Event (in chronological order)


Accepting applications

APPROXIMATE appointment date

2019 European Beach Ultimate Championships

6-11 May




Master Men’s

Master Women’s

Master Mixed

Grand Master Men's

Grand Master Women's (*3)

Grand Master Mixed (*3)

Great Grand Master(*3)

10-31 July 2018

31 August 2018

2019 European Ultimate Championships

29 June - 6 July


2020 World Ultimate Championships

July 2020? (TBA)




1-31 August 2018

30 Sept 2018

2019 European Youth Ultimate Championships

6-13 July (expected, TBA)


2020 World Junior Ultimate Championships

Aug 2020? (TBA)

U17 Open

U17 Women’s

U20 Open (*1)

U20 Women’s (*1)

1-30 Sept 2018

30 Oct 2018

2019 World U24 Ultimate Championships

13-20 July

Programme Manager




Mid July 2018

1-31 August 2018

31 August 2018

30 Sept 2018

2019 European Master Ultimate Championships

Date & host TBA


2020 World Master Ultimate Championships

Date & host TBA

Master Open

Master Women’s

Master Mixed

Grand Master (*3)

Mid August 2018

Mid Oct 2018

(*1) Further to previous GBJ decision to cut back on sending teams every year, we will review whether to send U20 teams to EYUC after the squads return from WJUC 2018.   U20 management and coaching team will still be appointed at the same time in order to start working with the eligible players over a longer time-period.

(*2) Dates.  In 2019 we have been told to expect that EUC-EYUC-WU24 will be week-long events running back to back from the 29th June until 20th July.  The EYUC hosts and dates are still to be confirmed so this is subject to change.

(*3) We cannot confirm whether these older age-group divisions will go ahead, but we will support the inclusion of a GB team provided there is a viable division at the competition.  UKU will not engage in lobbying WFDF/EUF/TOCs to run divisions that are not viable, or where the TOC does not have capacity to add the additional teams/players.