GB finish the 2011 European Championships campaign

GB U17 Girls EYUC 2011 

EUC2011 Maribor, Slovenia EYUC2011 Wroclaw, Poland
GB Open - Silver GB Junior Open - 4th
GB Women - Silver GB Junior Womens - 4th
GB Mixed - Gold GB Under 17s Boys - Silver
GB Masters - Gold GB Under 17s Girls - Gold


The end of the European Youth Ultimate Championships marked the finish of the European Championships for another four years, but also the beginning of the journey for the World Championships, in 2012.

Many of the players from the four senior squads that travelled to EUC 2011 in Maribor are shown in the picture below.









Footage from three of the finals is still availible to watch from

U17 Boys collecting their silver medals from the EYUC2011