GB Mixed Masters squad 2020

We are really excited to announce the GBMX squad headed to WMUC in Australia is:

Adam Lothian
Alex Nicholson
Alice Dinsdale-Young
Anna Trebble
Ant Bailey
Audrey Thientosapol**
Ben Wainhouse
Catherine Gainey
Chris 'Aussie' Foster-White
Darbi Donaldson
David Canepa*
Ed Hopkinson**
Ed Lee
Gill Brown
Harriet Hopper
Heather Williams
James Nicoll
Jez Dunnett
Karina Cooper
Kirsten Wells
Mara Alperin
Mark Cooper
Martyn Brown
Naomi Green
Natalie Hunneman
Oliver Browne
Ross Harvey**
Sam Gunbie (Gunbie)
Stefan Lewis
Thom Saunders
Tom Mannings


*Dave Canepa - extended trial
**Ross, Audrey & Ed are active reserves who are full members of the GB squad who will step in if other players' circumstances change regarding WMUC.