IMPORTANT MEMBERSHIP UPDATE - Read before updating membership

We have moved to a new commercial NGB membership management system called GoMembership.  Please do not create a new account if you already had one on the old system.  Your details have been migrated to the new system but you will need to reset your password. More information...


To renew your membership you will be taken to a new online membership system.  This link will take you straight there:

Your username has been migrated, but you need a new password.  

USE THE RESET PASSWORD option to create your new password.  You can use the old username or your email to login. Then go to Update Your Details.


If you already purchased your membership for this year your membership status has been migrated and there is no need to take action right now.  When you next need to update your membership or other details, you will create a new password to login.


No longer have or want UKU membership?  We don’t want to see you go - but you know where we are when you want to come back!  If you reply to this email with the words “Delete account” we will remove the account linked to that email address from the database.  

We’re hoping you will keep reading...

You can read a bit more about why we made the changes here but we’ve now completed the migration process and the new system is up and running.  We’re anticipating that there may be some issues but hopefully this email will answer the majority of questions, and provide you with information to help you access your account in the new system.

Please do not create a new account if you already had one on the old system.  Your details have been migrated.

First question, what’s changed?

Well everyone’s membership and personal data is now being administered and stored via the GoMembership platform.  This is also true for club and team information. So all the team administration you did on the old platform such as making sure all your players are rostered and have the required membership will now take place here.   Club admins please read the section at the bottom of this message.

So what does that mean for me?

The process of purchasing membership will look a bit different: you’ll be directed to the GoMembership platform, asked to sign into your account (existing accounts have been moved across, more information on how to access your account below) and then be presented with your membership options, which are the same as before.

As previously advertised we have increased the prices of membership to help cover the cost of a more expensive membership management system.

Where do I go to access my account?

You’ll be directed there from the usual pages on our website but if you want to access the membership portal directly go to

How do I access my account?

Your account has been moved across from our old membership system into the new GoMembership portal, however your password HAS NOT. In order to access your account simply use the password reset option and you’ll receive an email allowing you to access your account (check your spam folder).  If you’re reading this on our website and no longer have access to the email address attached to your account please get in touch with us and we’ll be able to help.

I’m in, what should I do now?

Now you should be able to update your details, purchase membership or join a club. You can update your details by going to “My Profile”, this is also where you roster with a club by selecting “Join a Club” on the right hand side of the page. If you’re needing to update your membership you can do that in the “Membership” area.

Please check that everything looks correct in your account, you should be rostered with the same teams, your membership will have carried over and your account information should be the same.

Payment Processing

As a result of the change, we are no longer using Paypal to take membership payments.  Of course, it is still the case that UK Ultimate does not collect or store payment details.

I’m having trouble with something!

We’re expecting that moving over to a new system will create some issues in the short term, In case you have any issues there are some helpful guides on how to use the website which you can access by clicking on Menu in the top left and selecting the help option on the right. If these don’t help clear up the issue then just get in touch with us, you can do that by contacting us in the usual ways.

Our immediate priority is to support players who want to purchase their membership in time to play at Open & Women’s Tour 1 Nottingham Windfarm on 2-3 June.  Please be patient if your problem is not about membership and/or that event.

Other features

The system has a number of other capabilities, e.g. event payments and coaching qualification management, that we will be rolling out over the next few months.  But for now we are focussing on migrating the membership data.

OMG why is it still not mobile-friendly?

Actually the main commercial options we had were all similar in this respect.  GoMembership assure us that this is high up their priority list, but that they have had to prioritise work relating to GDPR in the last few months.  We decided that on balance this switch was the best of the options we reviewed. We will be on their case about this.


How does Club administration work?

Well the first thing to note is the important distinction between team and club. Teams are a subset of members of a club.  Clubs may have multiple teams (for example a 1st team and a 2nd team, or a Mixed team and a Women’s team, or a Mixed 1st and 2nd team and a Women’s 1st team). Players can be part of multiple teams inside the same club, but they need to join the club in order to be put into a team.  Players are still able to be members of multiple clubs too.

As with memberships, Club administration status has been carried over.  So if you were a club administrator before you will still be now. This means you are able to update the club details, add and remove members from the club, setup teams for your club and manage UKU affiliation. To access this you need to go to the club area of the website (via the menu and club profiles). There are then several tabs available to you, club profiles allows you to edit the information available about the club, club members is where you can add and remove members and club affiliation is where you go to affiliate your club.

How do I setup a team?

You can create a team in the team profile area (again accessed via the menu), however if you are an administrator of more than one club just make sure you are creating a team for the correct club!

We are advising clubs that the best way to setup teams is to have a standard set of teams they enter into events and that you add and remove players from those teams for each event as appropriate. We believe this is a more efficient way of managing team within your club than setting up a different team for each event you wish to enter.

How do we add players to our club?

Players can join the club via their own accounts or you can add them directly. To do that you’ll need the email address attached to their account and their date of birth, or you can use their membership number. To add members to your club go the the club profiles section, and onto club members. From there you’ll just need the details of each of the members you’d like to add to your club.

Entering events

Event entry forms and payments will transfer over to the new system later in the summer.