Introduction to UKU Safeguarding Committee and launch of the new Safeguarding Pack for Clubs

“Playing, coaching and participating safely”


In the past few years we have seen an increase in the number of clubs engaging with youth players or making future plans to work with under 18s. Clubs have been coming to UK Ultimate for advice and support, which we have supplied on an ad hoc basis. With an increase in these requests we decided to review our safeguarding policy and information, including a new safeguarding pack of starting-point documents for clubs.

UKU have now recruited a safeguarding committee with the overall goal of helping UK youth Ultimate to develop and grow in a safe and supported wayThe committee has three main purposes:

· Review the newly created safeguarding pack with a view of developing it further.

· Where possible offer direct support to clubs.

· When needed be a pool of people that can help with their knowledge and experience when incidents are reported.


Committee Members

Joe Wyatt - Director for Junior Ultimate

Ruth Flight - GB Junior Ultimate Programme Manager

Chesca Weddell - UK Ultimate Coach Education Manager

Anthony Bailey - UK Ultimate Development Officer - School and Youth Ultimate

Joe Butler - Primary Teacher with Youth Work experience

Sam Turner - Policy Manager for a charity supporting young people, with experience of the care system

Claire Desbottes - Head of Year 11 at inner London school

Anna Trebble - Speech and Language therapist working from Early Years through to Secondary in special schools and units