Looking for player reps for the Game Advisor committee

The UKU is looking for player reps to join a new committee setup to explore where and how we use Game Advisors in the UK community.

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What is the GA Committee?

Game Advisors are a tool created by WFDF for improving rules knowledge & understanding, communication, and time-management, within the Ultimate community.  WFDF created Game Advisors, alongside the Rules Accreditation tests, and the SotG Scoresheet mechanism, as 3 connected methods for strengthening self-officiation within our sport.

The UKU’s Game Advisor (GA) committee has been created to explore how, and where, GAs might be useful to the UK scene, and to manage their application.

If you want to be involved in that conversation, this is your chance.

How would I contribute?

We are looking for 4 people, one from each of the following communities, on the committee to represent their community in conversations about Game Advisors…

  • Youth
  • University
  • Club
  • Elite Club (defined as your club has played in EUCF in 2017, ‘18 or ‘19, or WUCC/WMUCC 2018)

You must be a UKU member and active in the community you wish to represent.

What would the role involve?

Everything is managed online, and conversations will primarily be via email.

Expected commitment is less than 1hr per week.

Every 4th week, a Skype call.

How to apply?

To apply, please put your details in to this form.

In the event more than one person applies, UKU will organise a vote, so please include a few sentences about how you currently connect with your community, in order to hear their views, and to converse with your community about outcomes from the committee.

How to ask for more information?

Contact the chair of the GA Committee, Oliver Browne, via ojhbrowne@gmail.com

When is the deadline?

Please apply before the end of the month: 31-July-2019.