The Mentorship Project

The UKU Women’s Committee is launching a year-long pilot project to support those leading in the Ultimate community, with an emphasis on women in leadership positions and those leading women in the sport.

From our International Women’s Day discussions with the community, we identified a need for more support and advice, particularly for those in leadership roles across all levels. In response to this, we are launching a pilot Mentorship Project with the aim of bringing people together to help and support one another throughout the 2021/22 season. This is particularly for women in any leadership position (captains, committee roles, coaches, etc), and those who lead teams or clubs with women involved (a coach of a women’s team, a university club leader, a university mixed captain, a mixed club leader, etc).

We hope this project will connect leaders with those who can offer support, and will help to form friendships and networks across the community. It’s an opportunity for people to give back too, this could include university alumni, current players, those thinking about moving into coaching or those who have retired from playing but would still like to be involved. To be a mentor you don’t need to have any qualifications, just be willing to help and have some prior leadership experience.

Keep your eyes peeled for more information on our social media pages next week!

The deadline for applications is 13th September 2021. The sign up forms are below:

I would like a mentor

I would like to be a mentor