Recruiting for new GB Committee and support roles

The structure of international ultimate is such that we always have active GB teams. In some years, the GB Programme comprises 21 squads, and we believe this maximum number may yet increase further. Across the squads, the programme comprises 500+ players and numerous squad managers, coaches, and volunteers. We have an increasing number of practitioners providing support to GB squads.

In 2018, we announced a number of changes to the way we organise GB squads and the overall GB programme:  We have been working on these changes, alongside setting up the 21 squads that will be competing in 2019.  Today, we are starting the process to recruit the roles listed below. We want to emphasize that many of the roles related to supporting our GB teams do not require individuals that have played (or aspire to play for) GB teams.  

Please also note that the project to expand the GB Committee and strengthen the support network around the squads is much more about the medium- and long-term than it is about the current batch of teams, whose campaigns are all well under-way.

These two roles are members of the GB Committee:

GB Welfare Officer

GB Finance Officer

We are also recruiting for a volunteer that can take on the coordination of the multiple sports-science support roles across the GB squads:

GB Sport Science Coordinator

To apply for any of these roles please use this webform.

The closing date for initial applications is Monday 25th Feb.  Depending on the response, the committee reserves the right to extend the deadline and/or request additional information from applicants.  


If you have any questions please email