Notice of UKU General Meeting Saturday 9th November 2013

Update 13th November 2013: Further to the notice below, the EGM took place on Sat 9th November as planned.  The minutes are available here.  The UKU Board is pleased to confirm that the resolution to update the Memorandum of UK Ultimate was passed, and that Chris Bamford has been elected to the Board as University Coordinator.


The Board of UK Ultimate Ltd is calling a General Meeting of the Company to be held at 6pm on Saturday 9th November at the London Indoor Winter League (mixed & juniors event) at SportHouse, Mayesbrook Park Sports Arena, Lodge Avenue, Dagenham London RM8 2JR.  The meeting is being called for the following purpose

•    To vote on the election of University Coordinator, Chris Bamford, to the Board.  Chris Bamford was temporarily appointed to the Board in July 2013 following the resignation of the previous University Coordinator Edd Carmichael.  Click here for a picture and a short "bio" from Chris.
•    To vote on a Resolution to amend one of the governing documents of UK Ultimate Ltd following advice received from Sport England: see the Resolution and proposed new Memorandum of UK Ultimate Ltd for more details.  For reference the current governing documents can be found here.

There is no other business planned for this meeting.

It is possible for members to vote electronically in advance on both of these questions, but our governing documents still require us to hold a physical meeting of at least 5 members.   Members attending the meeting should NOT vote electronically, but should instead vote in person at the meeting.  Everyone else should click here to vote.

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Resolution to change the Memorandum of UK Ultimate Ltd.pdf76.7 KB