Phased Return to Play Guidance

We have set out a 5-phase plan for returning to play.  Please see the guidance documentation below.



Clubs and participants in regions subject to extra local restrictions are responsible for confirming whether "organised sport" is permitted under those local restrictions, and if so whether the restrictions require adopting Phase B or C guidance.

  • You will need to carefully check and follow local restrictions that impact your activity getting to, from, and around the club training session: England, Northern IrelandScotland, Wales.
  • If in doubt, either as a club, or participant, UKU recommends strongly that you err on the side of caution.
  • Where a local restriction refers to “contact sport”, you should assume this means Ultimate being played under Phases C-D guidance.   Where only “non contact team sport training” is permitted you should assume that means only Phase B is allowed.

Click to download outline infographic as PDF (updated 13th Oct)

UKU Club Guidance - Phase B Limited & Modified Club Training Sessions

UKU Club Guidance- PHASE C Normal Training & Modified Games (updated 15th Sept)

UKU Club Guidance- PHASE D Competitive Ultimate (outdoors) (updated 9th Oct)

UKU Club Guidance Appendix - Scotland (updated 15th Sept)

UKU Club Guidance Appendix - Indoors (updated 20th Oct)


Role Description Club COVID Officer

Template COVID-19 Risk Assessment

Guide for clubs contacting Local Authority Teams

Discussion document about close-contact in Ultimate

Template Attendance Register online form

UKU Conduct Policy regarding adherence to measures for reducing risk of COVID-19 (currently draft)