Purchase Membership Now!

From Friday at 5pm the website store will be offline as we implement changes to the website (read more about them here). This means if you're planning on playing at Nottingham Windfarm (Open and Womens Tour 1)  then you should buy your membership now to ensure you've got it before the event.  Additionally when the new system goes live we will be increasing membership fees (for the first time in over 15 years) to help cover the increase in costs.  Full Membership will increase to £30, Uni/U18 Full Membership to £20, and Basic Membership to £6.

Why not get ahead of any potential issues with the new system and buying membership (and save yourself some money) by purchasing your membership for 2018 now. Club admins please share this with all your players and encourage them to get the membership they require (maybe even check your roster to see who needs to get membership and chase them directly).