Return to Play Update - 17th May

From today, there are some updates to what is permitted in each of the home nations with regards to organised sport. We have outlined the changes for each country below. The infographic has also been updated HERE.



As of 17th May:

  • Competitive play against other teams at Phase D is permitted outdoors
  • Car sharing to play sport is allowed, although please ensure that you follow the travel guidance outlined on the government website
  • Indoor Ultimate is permitted at Phase C only 
  • Social distancing must still be maintained off-pitch
  • Spectators are permitted, as long as social gathering limits are adhered to (groups of 30). 
    • However, at this time, we ask that it is only the teams (and any parents/carers supervising a child or vulnerable adult) taking part that attend scheduled games. Not only will this help the teams that are organising the fixture(s) ensure that they are adhering to government guidelines, it will help teams to remain on-site at the venue if they have another game scheduled for later that day. We expect that there may be some challenges with having spectators at games, so reducing the number of those not playing at any one time may be really helpful. 
  • Overnight stays with 2 households/bubbles are allowed (further details here). 


N. Ireland

It is expected that from 24th May, subject to a review on 20th May:

  • All outdoor sports will return to normal, with Ultimate being able to be played at Phase D, at least.
  • There will no longer be a limit on the number of participants for organised sport outdoors
  • Spectators will be permitted (up to 500 people)
  • Schools will be able to play at Phase D both indoors and outdoors
  • Indoors will be permitted at Phase C 

An indicative date of 31st May has also been highlighted for the return of competitive indoor sport.


In terms of travel, it remains that car sharing should be avoided if possible. Everyone should ensure that they are following the published travel guidelines for Northern Ireland.



The Level system remains in place. As of 17th May, Glasgow City and Moray will remain in Level 3, whilst all other mainland areas of Scotland will move to Level 2.


For players and teams in Level 3, only Phase B is permitted outdoors (non-contact adult sport, in groups up to 30) . Please also ensure that you follow travel restrictions for your area. 


For Level 2 areas, Phase D is now permitted outdoors, and Phase B indoors. Groups of up to 50 are now allowed, with a daily limit of 500 participants. 


The latest sport and activity guidance for Scotland can be found here.


Note that no spectators are permitted in either Level 2 or Level 3 at this time. This means that when players are off-pitch, the normal social gathering limits apply. For Level 2, this means 8 people from 8 households, and for Level 3, 6 people from 6 households, so please bear this in mind.


In terms of travel, please ensure that you follow your area specific guidelines. This is particularly important due to the different Levels in Scotland so please read the information carefully. 



From 17th May:

  • Players will be permitted to play at Phase D outdoors. However, this is for training only
    • We hope to allow Competitive play against other teams at Phase D from the beginning of June
  • Up to 50 can take part outdoors, groups of 30 indoors
  • Indoor Ultimate is permitted at Phase C
  • No spectators are permitted of any kind 

In terms of travel, it remains that car sharing should be avoided if possible. Everyone should ensure that they are following the published travel guidelines for Wales.


National Cup Reminder

All teams that were included in the draw on Wednesday 12th May have been emailed individually, but this is just a reminder for teams to let us know by the end of tomorrow (Tuesday 18th May) whether or not they want to pull out of the National Cup. Please email ASAP if you no longer want to be in the National Cup.


For any team that does not pull out, we will confirm your team’s entry on Wednesday morning. Depending on the number of dropouts, we may have to redraw games so please keep an eye out for further updates. 


Once the Cup draw for each division is confirmed, we will share your team’s contact email address with the other teams in your division so that fixtures can start to be arranged. Please let us know if you wish to opt out of sharing this contact information with the other teams by emailing