Return to Play Update - 21st Oct

We issue the following update in response to the many changes in government guidance and regulation issued over the last week or so. 

In particular we have taken the decision to limit clubs in Tier 3 areas of England to Phase C.

This update has information about the following:

  • Dealing with local restrictions
  • Clubs must report training status regularly
  • Indoor Ultimate appendix
  • Close contacts


Dealing with local restrictions

We have taken the decision to limit clubs in Tier 3 areas of England to PHASE C.


We iterate our general position that clubs and members must take responsibility for understanding and interpreting the implications of local restrictions.  If in doubt please contact UK Ultimate or use the Covid officer email forum.  However, we thought it might be helpful to clarify the following:

  • England  
    • Areas in Tier 3 “COVID Alert Level: very high” are limited to Phase C.  
    • Areas in Tiers 1 and 2 remain in Phase D.
  • Northern Ireland
    • Our current understanding is that all of Northern Ireland is limited to Phase B, non-contact team sports, in groups of max 15. 
  •  Scotland
    • In the areas where only “non contact team sports” are permitted, that means Phase B.
    • Our understanding is that all other areas can remain in Phase D but you must check.
  • Wales
    • During the period 23 October - 9 November our interpretation is that disc-sport related activity is limited to Phase A.



Clubs must now report training status regularly

We really hate to add to the admin load, but right now we need more information to help judge the extent of activity around the country.  Consequently we will temporarily require all active clubs to complete a very short survey at least once every calendar month (more frequent submissions are welcome, but optional).  During this period we will also aim to publish a summary of the data each month.

<< Ultimate club training under UKU covid guidance data submission form >>


Indoor Ultimate

We have produced a brief appendix confirming our guidance for Indoor Ultimate.  


Close Contacts

This document was shared with the Covid officer forum last week and we are now publishing this alongside the rest of our guidance.  The purpose of the document is to provide more background on the rationale for the three phases B-C-D and how they are expected to differ in terms of risk and how Contact Tracing authorities might be expected to treat people training under each of those systems.