Return to Play Update - 9th October

As per previous announcements we confirm that we will move to Phase D of our Phased Return to Play from Monday 12th October.  Please note the additional important comments below about Indoors and government references to "contact sports"

There are some changes in the final version of Phase D Guidance compared to the draft that we published in August.

  • Clubs are required to go through a minimum of 3 sessions at Phase B or C prior to moving to Phase D.  This is in order that your players become accustomed to all the adjustments that are needed to minimise the risk of transmission, and to make sure your club systems and plans are working as expected.
  • We have included some guidance about Spirit Circles.  We encourage teams to continue this tradition, but of course all the players in the circle should be 2m from their neighbours.  It will be a big circle, but it will still work - at least while the maximum number of players is still 30.
Indoor Ultimate update
Sadly, we now confirm that ALL UKU indoor tournaments until the end of 2020 have now cancelled.  We will review our options for the Jan-Mar events in November, but we consider it unlikely that any indoor competitions or events will be possible in the current indoor season Oct 2020 - Mar 2021.  

In better news for indoor ultimate fans, next week, we will be removing the blanket references to “no indoor ultimate” in our Phased Return to Play guidance.  We are currently working on an Indoors Appendix to sit alongside the other guidance documents.
  • We continue to recommend strongly that you play outdoors rather than indoors if possible.
  • In general, Indoor Ultimate will be permitted only up to the Phase B guidance initially, noting that in England in particular adult indoor team sport is further limited to the rule-of-6.
  • The only exception to this is that SCHOOLS should feel able to use Phase C rules subject to their additional, existing covid-19 mitigation measures (year-bubbles, etc) and the advice from AfPE about indoor PE lessons.
  • We are aware the BUCS has obtained an exception to the rule of 6 for indoor team sports for universities in England, but whilst this may allow a larger group to train, we recommend this is done using Phase B guidance only for the time being.

Local restrictions referring to “contact sports”

Where a local restriction refers to “contact sport”, you should assume this means Ultimate being played under Phases C-D guidance.   Where only “non contact team sport training” is permitted you should assume that means only Phase B is allowed.

So, for example with reference to this week’s announcement in Scotland, in the areas affected by the temporary ban on contact sports you are still permitted to run training using Phase B Guidance.  But also take careful note of the extra travel restrictions.  


Please accept our apologies for the increased complexity.  It is not easy to find the right balance between simplicity;  allowing play where it is safe and permitted; and managing the variations in rules and restrictions around the UK.  For club covid-officers or committee members we have a covid officer google group / forum that you can request to join here