Return to Play Update - UKU Guidance & England and N. Ireland Changes

Following the announcement from the UK Government of the Covid-19 Winter Plan, confirming the lifting of the national restrictions in England on 2nd December and the re-implementation of a three tiered approach until the end of March 2021, and further guidance published by DCMS on 1 December, we can now confirm what this means for Ultimate in England. 


Outdoor Ultimate - England

For all adult outdoor Ultimate, including University Ultimate, the appropriate Modifications During Training & Play (Phase B-C-D Details) guidance should be followed for your specific area - Tier 1, 2 or 3. 


We have included the updated infographic showing which Phase is applicable for each Tier, but here is a quick summary:

  • PHASE D can be played in TIER 1
  • PHASE C can be played in TIER 2
  • PHASE B can be played in TIER 3

Please note that we are continuing to monitor additional guidance due to be published by Sport England and other sports, and we will continually review the above. Our position for Tier 2 and 3 is initially quite cautious.  As more information becomes available over the coming days we may make some further updates if appropriate. 


Travel restrictions also need to be considered at all times. In Tier 2, you should aim to reduce the number of journeys you make, where possible. If you are in Tier 3, you are advised not to travel into or out of Tier 3 areas to play Ultimate. 


For School Ultimate, regardless of your Tier, please continue to follow AfPE advice. If you have any queries on this, please contact


We also remind everyone that you MUST limit all social interaction before and after playing, and should only take place in line with legal gathering limits and other relevant restrictions. Avoid using changing rooms by getting ready before you arrive and shower at home. 


Indoor Ultimate - England 

The recent announcement has not indicated any significant changes that will impact Indoor Ultimate. Please check the Indoor Ultimate Appendix for all details regarding training and playing indoors. 


Schools should continue to follow AfPE advice for their activity.


All Club and University indoor competitions are now cancelled for the remainder of the 2020-21 season. 


Northern Ireland Moves to Phase A

We note that as of 27th November, indoor and outdoor sport is not permitted in Northern Ireland. The infographic has been updated to reflect this.


Updated UKU Guidance 

We have split the UKU Guidance information into two different documents- to try and make it slightly easier to read and access:

  1. Covid-19 Club Preparation & Off-field Activity Guidance
  2. Modifications During Training & Play (Phase B-C-D Details) Guidance

UKU Club Guidance - Covid-19 Club Preparation & Off-field Activity

This is the information that is relevant for playing Ultimate in ALL tiers and levels across the UK, and the guidance outlined should be followed at all times in conjunction with the specific Phase information relevant to your local area (link below).


UKU guidance no longer includes a maximum number of participants in outdoor training or play.  We note again, however, that there are locally-imposed restrictions that must be followed (England, N. Ireland, Scotland, Wales).  Check the full details in the updated guidance HERE


UKU Club Guidance - Modifications During Training & Play (Phase B-C-D Details)

This document includes all of the details specific to each Phase, outlined in 3 separate sections:

  • Phase B
  • Phase C
  • Phase D

You MUST also follow the Covid-19 Club Preparation & Off-field Activity guidance in order to run modified training sessions and games, in conjunction with the specific Phase information, in order to run any modified training sessions and/or games (link above).


We have also created a small infographic listing the key things that every individual attending any Ultimate activity should remember. Please feel free to download and share this with your club and/or players as much as you like. Links to different image formats can be found below. 



General Infographic: DOWNLOAD

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